A Beautiful Awards Brunch and a Museum for Women’s History — NWHM

A Beautiful Awards Brunch and a Museum for Women’s History — NWHM

Being surrounded with powerful, amazing women taking action is a place I love to be. Last weekend I attended the Women Making History Awards — National Women’s History Museum Brunch here in Los Angeles.

World Suicide Prevention Day, a Personal Story

World Suicide Prevention Day, a Personal Story

A few thoughts on getting through, what happens after a suicide, when you are the one(s) that are left. What do you do, how do you cope and make sense of things? This is a personal story of my family.

Power to the People: A Look Into The Activism of Cancer Survivor and Social Justice Warrior, Jimmy “Taboo” Gomez

Power to the People: A Look Into The Activism of Cancer Survivor and Social Justice Warrior, Jimmy “Taboo” Gomez

When you have a platform of millions of fans and followers, there are ways to use that platform for good and to empower others. As a member of the globally known band The Black Eyed Peas that is exactly what rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, DJ, activist, and cancer-survivor Jimmy “Taboo” Gomez does every day. Social justice warriors come in many shapes and sizes, and Taboo brings his heart and passion to many groups and issues that are near and dear to him for the betterment of our world.

Geekricans, #ComicCon #PuertoRico

Geekricans, #ComicCon #PuertoRico

Geekricans is my new favorite word.

Heroes come in many shapes and forms.

Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria.

4,600 people dead.

Countless homes and hearts destroyed.

Attitudes of carelessness avail.

Electricity still not back on many parts of the island.

Recovery isn’t a one-time shot, it is daily and happens over decades.

Puertorriqueños are kicking ass, but they still need our help.

May Day. Inspiration from José Andrés

May Day. Inspiration from José Andrés

May Day.

Not mayday, meaning a crisis.


Food and the feeding of people. The need for clean water is a crisis, a call for “mayday”.

May Day, or May 1 — as celebrated in many countries is a traditional springtime festival or an international day honoring workers.

Everything. Everything, we put in our mouths is planted, fished, bottled, butchered, grown, picked, placed, packaged, shipped, delivered, sautéed, steamed, flash frozen, baked, cooked, tossed, and wrapped by many, many hands, globally.

#LifeisGood - Notes from a Great Keynote

I had the good fortune to see the lovely and excellent Frisbee-thrower Bert Jacobs , CEO - Chief Executive Optimist (one half of the dynamic sibling duo) who own and run the wonderful company Life is Good.  I love their story, how they run their company and their marketing.  I reference this OneNote page from a couple of years ago quite a bit and there's a ton of goodness that I thought I'd share. Cheers!

@JimmyJamesSRT Buongiorno Fritatta, a #DoggieAstrology Coffee w/a nod to @jamieoliver @sandrashm

a whole lotta yum
a whole lotta yum

spoiled rotten.  4 hour body frittata made in about 15 minutes by my husband James (@JimmyJamesSRT).  along with some great coffee in my Aquarius Doggie Astrology Coffee Mug (our catahoula Pierre's sun sign).

honestly, I put all dishes up against what I am very lucky to be served all the time in our (JimmyJames') kitchen because he is amazing, is a locavore at heart and we are spoiled by living in Sonoma County (land of the farmer market and many places where some of the best product in the world is created, farmed and grown ala "Organic-land").

JimmyJames Buongiorno Fritatta - 1/4 bag o' sautéed spinach, 1 can of cannellini beans, 2.5 chicken italian sausage & 6 eggs.  couple decent shakes of Tuscan Italian seasoning. cut sausage, saute spinach in EVOO, drain beans, whisk eggs - dump all in a bowl with the eggs, put in a frying pan and bake till done (about 25 minutes) - top off with some red sauce upon removing from oven.  optional sprinkles of parm on top.  serves 4-6.  Coffee:  make your favorite flavor and pour into a cup, simple...

My husband is a mix of Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade and Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef - he can look in our pantry and refrigerator (like he did this morning) and knock it out of the park.  Few insider tips:  Sausages were cooked in sauce in a slow cooker a few days ago - so both sauce & sausages were super flavorful.  If you don't have a crock pot - go buy one they make everything taste better.  Also:  cook up a few items for the week and you will then have them to put in a myriad of dishes. (sausages in sauce, taco or turkey meat, spinach or green in bacon, sautéed root veg.)  Also on a fritatta, don't open the oven or move it till its done.

mangia, mangia.


also if you don't know about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - you should check it out.