Empowering Workshops and Keynote Speeches for Healthy Corporate Culture

Fueling inspiration through engaging content.

Building a healthy corporate culture brings immense value to every employee - enhancing performance and promoting overall happiness within the organization.

By creating a nurturing work environment, we cultivate better collaboration, unlock creativity, and empower individuals to excel in their roles. Appreciation and respect for everyone's contributions are vital to job satisfaction and organizational success.

Why choose us?

We offer engaging learning experiences and workshops for employees to connect on important subjects, even those that are often overlooked. Our virtual professional development programs enhance retention, foster collaboration, and elevate your company's reputation, ultimately creating the trust-based workplace environment you desire.

Heather Cook is available for company retreats, all-hands meetings, internal and external events, conferences, as well as ongoing training sessions, where she delivers impactful talks on building healthy corporate culture, professional development, and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Unleash the potential of your employees with The Maven Principle Workshop: Power Skills for Personal Development

Engage your teams’ with the transformative journey of developing power skills that bring resilience, confidence, and an edge to one’s career and everyday life.

“Soft skills” are defined as personal attributes that enable us to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. This workshop reframes the term “soft skills” to “power skills” and explores how we develop them. There is nothing soft about mastering these power skills. Vulnerability, authenticity, and integrity are at the core of who we are and who want to be at home, work, and play.

Workshops are typically held over two days (four hours per day) and serve up to 50 people. We are happy to host the video conference or leverage your equipment. Sessions can be recorded for on-demand viewing.


Culture Talks

Experience the power of Creative Maven Culture Talks as we dive deep into fostering a thriving corporate culture. Our engaging speaker, Heather Cook shares insights, strategies, and inspiration to build healthy workplaces, enhance collaboration, and unleash the full potential of your team. Join us for thought-provoking discussions that ignite positive change and drive your organization toward success.

Choose from our list of culture talks or let Heather craft a custom talk for your next morale-building event, all-hands meeting, diversity, and inclusion series. Heather is available for both in-person and virtual talks.


Put Heather’s decades of experience to work for your next company meeting or 10,000-person keynote address.

Heather brings a unique combination of joy, humor, and professionalism to your event. All topics can also be run as a virtual webinar for your wellness, corporate training programs, or in-person meeting or conference.

"Heather spoke at our 2019 Australia and New Zealand Digital Workplace Conferences and was an absolute pleasure to have on our team. Her Webinar for our Sponsors/Exhibitors was well received. People LOVED her professional yet down-to-earth style, authenticity, and content. Heather also provided a well-structured and well-received workshop after the event - a valuable addition for both organisers and attendees. Heather’s outstanding people and soft skills made her a breath of fresh air."

Debbie Ireland

Managing Director, ShareThePoint Ltd, Conference Convener, Digital Workplace Conference

"Heather is simply awesome. As a speaker, she excels - knowledgeable, articulate, and fun. As an ideas gal, she delivers every time. As a consultant, she brings calm to customers and expertise that can be used in the real world. All-around, Heather is the real deal (and a pretty good dancer too...)"

Seb Matthews

Chief Commerical Officer, Preoventeq

"Heather is one of the fiercest and most talented people I know. She is the epitome of a leader and gives of herself to teach that you too can be successful. I have been fortunate to have attended several Microsoft conferences as a fellow speaker, and always hope I can attend her presentations to learn what new story she is sharing. She is not silently brave; she shares generously, teaching you how to be your best authentic self. That is priceless to learn and harness in business and in your personal world. Thank you, Heather."

Michelle Gilbert

Teams Technical Specialist, Microsoft, President MN M365 User Group

Speaking Engagements

Questions about Culture Talks

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