Creative Maven guides businesses and individuals to marketing clarity through workshops and one on one coaching.

expert Guidance on marketing, healthy corporate culture, and personal development for professional growth.

What obstacles are you facing?

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Revamp Your Story

Get clear about your why and what pain you solve for your clients and guide them to success. Get clear on what kind of employee engagement you want inside your business. Be consistent and on point with your messages to both clients and employees.

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Drive More Leads

When you are clear with your message and the problems you solve, you will gain more leads, convert them to sales and build a deeper relationship with existing customers while retaining happy, productive employees. 

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Increase Revenue

When your message is illuminated, and your corporate culture is healthy and positive, you will gain more business, grow your revenue, spark more innovations and your ability to truly help more people. 

How we work together

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Schedule a Chat

Let’s chat so you can learn more about what Creative Maven has to offer. We would love to hear your business objectives and goals and give you the full picture of how we help can help you accelerate your marketing, learning, and influence. Strategic marketing, building stronger corporate culture, enhancing personal development are all in our wheelhouse.

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Book One of our workshops

Book a workshop to bring clarity to your message, improve your story and leverage a tested methodology for success through our workshops: Deep Dive Marketing Message, Personal Development for executives and employees, diversity and inclusion, business application literacy and more.

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Become an Expert, By Hiring a Maven

Our philosophy is to assist, help, coach and guide individuals and companies to their purposeful success. Post-engagement clients have us in for the occasional tune-up and on speed dial for those on the fly moments that need some extra lift.

Why trust Creative Maven?

A “maven” is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from Yiddish and Hebrew, meaning "one who understands", based on an accumulation of knowledge.

Our name Creative Maven came from our founder Heather Newman reading the Malcolm Gladwell best seller, The Tipping Point, and loving his description of those who are intense gatherers of information and impressions. These people are often the first to pick up on new or nascent trends ala "mavens" or experts.

We believe that you can become the "expert", connoisseur or maven of your business by creating a clearer message, being consistent with marketing and connecting deeply with your clients as a guide to solving their problems. 

We also believe that a happy, positive, inspiring corporate culture keeps employee retention high and drives productivity, growth and revenue through the roof.

With over twenty years of experience and a vast partner network of marketing mavens, powerful workshop leaders, gifted storytellers, and digital brand experts, our clients become repeat clients, part of our Maven family and recommend us time and time again.

A sample of Creative Maven Clients

What our clients are saying

Heather’s ability to bring to market industry solutions is remarkable. Heather has a keen eye for detail coupled with a technical acumen which strengthens her position as a top CMO. Over the past 12 months Heather has partnered directly with Microsoft to ensure our go to market strategy has both impact and influence. Heather is extremely well connected within the industry and thrives on connecting the dots.
— Alexandra Marshall Detweiler, Microsoft Business Development Manager
Heather is a pleasure to work with as she’s your classic easy-to-work with and her determined “getting things done” attitude. My only wish is I get to keep crossing paths with Heather in my career in the coming years.
— Andrew Connell, Entrepreneur, Developer, Speaker, MVP