25 Things About Starting a Business

25 Things About Starting a Business

1. Quotes, meetings, invoices, taxes and collecting payments are over half the job.

2. Read your contracts, NDAs and get them signed, religiously.

3. Your customers and clients are the heroes, you are the guide and problem solver.

4. Never start a project without a contract.

5. Charge 50% or more up front every time.

6. Even your best friend or favorite client will not pay you on time, sometimes.

7. 30 min is more than enough for “can I run something by you.”

8. Be your own project manager.

9. Always be learning, growing and evolving.

10. Never promise something the next day.

11. Run your brand like you run a client project.

12. Your brand is your calling card - dress, speak, act appropriately and be on time.

13. Get a lawyer and have them know you and your business.

14. Learn and know how to handle your finances and cash flow.

15. Ask for the raise, ask for more than you think you are worth.

16. Don’t expect anyone else to work as hard as you do, even when paid well.

17. Build your alliances and allies fiercely.

18. Don’t let anyone push you to quit when you deserve to be there.

19. Never shit where you eat.

20. That cool name was probably thought of by someone else, do your research.

21. Focus on helping people, not the money.

22. Build relationships — one person at a time.

23. Automate, optimize and hire people smarter than you for the things you don’t like doing.

24. Know your exit strategy.

25. Define your passion and go for it, redefine as needed.

Bonus round: its not work if you love what you do.

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What's Your Story Morning Glory - How Do You Start Your Day?

What's Your Story Morning Glory - How Do You Start Your Day?

The first part of waking up is something I find extremely interesting. That moment upon waking when you choose how you start your day. Do you immediately grab your phone? Is there a child/pet in your face? Gonna have some morning sex? Toss on the clothes and hit the gym? Rush to your laptop? Mediation? The list is vast and deep.




Sometimes thought of as the mundane, the ordinary. Repita, por favor.

To learn The Hustle, yes the dance, it’s not one and done. As a kid at the YMCA in Anderson, Indiana I watched my parents glide across the dance floor with the other adults for dance class. Disco fabulous. I learned a version of it along with them on the sidelines, finger pointing in the air, channeling my inner Travolta.

How to smother a narcissist. (and why we should)

How to smother a narcissist.  (and why we should)

How to smother a narcissist. A fire burns because of fuel and oxygen. Ignition. Time, energy, love, attention are all fuel to the narcissist fire. To put out that fire, use these simple steps:  (And I know they are not easy) Don’t let them push your buttons. They love that. No reaction can be a fire extinguisher. Stop communications. No texting. No liking. No following. No checking relentlessly. Let them go.

My Morning Making Ritual #inspiration

My Morning Making Ritual — a combo of this has been in effect for the past year and a half or so.

But I added to it today, lemon water and calling my senators. :)


Meditate 10 min — they are free and awesome.


Read an article on Medium or 10 min of a current book.


Write for 10–20 minutes (ideas for blogs, journal entry something non-work for me)


Call my Senators — CA — Dianne Feinstein & Kamala Harris with my choices/thoughts on the cabinet, climate denial, women's rights and reproductive freedom.


Drink a big glass of lemon water. (and keep it full all day)


Eat 2 hard-boiled eggs, 3 Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausages, half an avocado, and coffee with almond milk. Feed the dog same time.


Shower and get dressed for the day.


Check my calendar, email, Hubspot, Twitter, Instagram and FB in that order.


With that I’m fierce, awesome and ready to take on whatever.


In the late afternoon/evening I exercise, work on my Spanish with Duolingo and usually read/write some more along with emails, go out and see stuff, get outside.


What’s your ritual? I’ve found that having one and sticking to it as much as humanly possible makes for great productivity and the ability for me to be even better at dealing with things on the fly. Thank you Rachel!


This isn’t a resolution, I don’t do those and don’t like those. This is my continuing to pay attention to what I need and obsessing about me instead of other people and things. Try a ritual — heck make it simply two things you do every morning. 


My Dad told me about a book called Grit by Angela Duckworth and how if you make your bed every morning like the Navy SEALS, you accomplished that for the day.


It is the little things.

Happy 2017.


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Waiting. Different than anticipation. Or impatience. Impatience is not being willing to sit in the moment or present.  A friend said to me it simply equals being afraid.  He's right.

Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Alone time. Never quite enough of this. Quiet. Calm.  A slowing down. Even on a holiday we tend to pack it in.