Heck of a Time to Launch a New Website

business marketing personal brand Mar 16, 2020

I am sending goodness and virtual hugs to all as we all continue to brace for some of the most significant changes to our world in our lifetimes. I believe we are in a time where great kindness, compassion, and empathy are needed.

2020 thus far is bringing us (or forcing us) into a clearer vision of who we are, what we stand for, and how we carry ourselves and our businesses. The world is always busy, challenging, and ripe with change, the same as our individual lives. With worldwide implications of COVID-19, we all are taking greater stock of how we move about in the world, what we need versus what we want regarding consumerism and travel, and taking a significant look at how we assemble, communicate, and collaborate. Sharing our stories will continue to be a big part of that stocktaking, examining how we choose to show up, support each other, and grow as a human race.

I have run my business, Creative Maven, virtually or working from home (WFH) since 2006. My team is built for global work, reach, and amplification through technology, social media, and our podcast, and I am coming to you from Creative Maven HQ in Marina del Rey. 

These past two months, we have been working hard to update our Creative Maven website with all of our offerings. Looking at the changes that are creating a new world of work, it is odd timing-wise, but we are open for business and ready to help as your virtual marketing team.

Our Creative Maven website now has two path choices for businesses and for individuals, with clearly priced and detailed offerings that are both affordable and bring a ton of value.

For Businesses:

We want to be that extra support you need for your everyday marketing tasks: writing, copy editing, social media, all of it. We build foundational messaging and comprehensive strategies with you and are here to be your virtual get it done marketing team. We have customized plans for all types of businesses, from Small Business to Enterprise. We are agile and used to working virtually and globally. We also build customized plans to suit any industry.

I have 20 years’ experience producing and managing in-person and virtual events, if you need help quickly moving from in-person to virtual, please book a chat with me. We have always worked virtually with clients; everything we do is via video conference call. 

For Individuals:

We are going to be experiencing a time of great change in how we work, what businesses will look like, and how we move about in the world. Daily work on your brand and soft skills is going to be essential. We offer personal brand and professional development workshops as well as one-hour coaching sessions and longer-term coaching to those that want on-going help, guidance, and a sounding board.

Our Stories Matter.

Storytelling is the heart and soul of what it means to be human. Chief Storyteller is now an actual job title on LinkedIn. People buy from emotion, meaning that marketing is about the perception of those stories, whether they are about an individual or a business. All of our most significant histories - triumphs, successes, failures, all the great novels, movies, and plays - follow a character along a journey. Fiction is fine, but reality is just as important. Sharing your truth has never been more vital, and you’ll find that people respond to a well-told tale. Once your story is set, we build a strategy with you. When the strategy is set, we develop your tactical plan and help you execute it.

Bad Marketing. Weak Brands.

I see a great deal of lousy marketing – and hear from a lot of angry people who have spent serious money and gotten poor returns, surface-level coaching, or marketing and brand design guidance with a lack of storytelling. I want to change that for as many people and businesses as I can. I would love to help guide you to your best stories about how you help clients, who you are, and how you solve problems. You are amazing at what you do, let us help you share that with the world.

Connections Matter.

I’ve set up a new Facebook Group called Marketing Done Better, where I was planning on sharing marketing, messaging, personal brand, and personal development tips and tricks to go along with the launch of our new website. That is still the case, but I’m also quickly pulling together the following to share:

Articles and videos to address; wellness, morning ritual, working from home, freelancing/side hustle/front hustle, remote working, and how to use the various ways of technology available to us to do so. Let's learn together and inspire each other.

I will host some virtual happy hours, dance parties, and gatherings as we are all going to miss the physical interactions with each other for a while (props to my public safety friend and guru, Eleuthera Lisch on the importance of how need to gather).

Facebook Live events and Q/A sessions will start this week on the above topics. If you have questions, thoughts, ideas, inspiration, or topics, you’d like me to cover post up about them. See you there.

Work with our Virtual Maven Team.

Our Maven Team and our epic partners are ready and waiting to help you continue to tell your stories, build your brands, strategize, and bring your marketing, virtual events, and corporate culture talks and webinars to you, your clients and internal teams as we learn together about this new era of work.

My small business wants to help yours during these changing times. I am always happy to have a chat with you one on one.

Please stay safe and healthy, and I hope to see you virtually soon.

My best,


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