Hire Head Maven Heather Newman and work directly with her award-winning team of marketing mavens and epic partners.

Building an Empire Together

Teamwork, shared intelligence, innovative ideas are what we look for with our team and our partnerships to deliver success, results and value to our clients. Together with experts in their fields, we help each other win.


It takes a village to cover all aspects of marketing, strategy, brand, and personal development. No one person knows everything, partnering with the best and brightest allows Creative Maven to be agile and deliver faster results for our clients. 

Team Maven

We are a team of experts at messaging, strategy, digital marketing, events, graphic design, personal brand and professional development and we would love to support you and your team.

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Tracy Talley
Ruth Waytz

Annelise Sexton

Annelise is the Digital Marketing Strategist and Designer for Creative Maven. As a freelance marketer and designer, Annelise has promoted everything from sausages to SaaS. She brings her wide range of marketing experience and keen designer’s eye to help clients develop, streamline, and execute their digital and visual marketing strategies.

Tracy Talley

With experience in hospitality, real estate, and business administration Tracy comes to Creative Maven leading the charge in Operations. She likes traveling to new places, trying new flavors and foods and meeting new people. Tracy loves networking, organizing everything, all things high design and truly enjoys quiet time out in the many different wilds of nature. Mysticism, linguistics, folklore and foreign lands inspire her. Laughing over lovely food and drink with the people she loves is her favorite pastime.

Ruth Waytz

Ruth Waytz has degrees in English and Advertising and has earned a living through writing and editing (one way or another) since the 1980s. She won an Emmy for her work on Jeopardy! and has supervised dozens of books for a major ghostwriting agency. She has her own publishing imprint and coaches writers through the publishing process.

Ruth’s expertise crosses many fields: tech, automotive, legal, comedy, esoterica, and the arts. She calls editing, “what you meant to say, not what you said,” and has a broad range of clients.

Maven Partners

We love working with expert teams in their fields who bring value and goodness to the world. Our partners help us expand our offerings, bring a more diverse perspective and support our larger engagements.

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Alicia Dara

Alicia Dara is a nationally recognized voice coach based in Seattle. She has helped thousands of people including CEO’s, managers, and Presidential candidates break through blocks, find their voice, and put it to work. Her most popular group training is "Public Speaking Bootcamp for Women", which helps women strengthen their voices, clarify their messaging, and push back against workplace sexism.

Corporate clients include Microsoft (where she is a vendor), WeWork (where she is a vendor), Kimpton Hotels, Planned Parenthood, The Rivkin Center, Carhartt, and Premera. Private clients include the National Women's Political Caucus, the Female Founders Alliance, and members of Amazon, Merrill Lynch, Seattle Trade Commission, Windermere, Red Cloud, and Lake Partners.

anastasia rose

Anastasia Rose

Anastasia is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Meditation Teacher who loves to assist clients in their healing journey. She is a former executive turned energy healer who focuses on inner healing and expansion to help people live fuller, happier, and more purposeful lives.

With 17 years of experience working as an Employee Benefits Consultant for top consulting firms, she witnessed firsthand, the steady increase in medical and pharmaceutical utilization. 

Her mission is to educate people on the importance of mind, body spirit connection to help clients live a joyful, healthy life, which she believes will lower overall dependency on expensive medical treatments & overuse of pharmaceutical drugs for everyone.

clarified marketing

Clarified Marketing

Clarified Marketing was founded by Russell Stalters, a StoryBrand Certified Guide, who leverages his expertise marketing, selling, and delivering IT solutions for over 25 years. He was also a Global 20 Executive Decision Maker while at BP and the US Navy. He uses the proven StoryBrand framework to help businesses create a clear and compelling message that develops, strengthens, and communicates their brand’s story to the marketplace.

jennie kay creative

Jennie Kay Creative

Jennie Kay is a Creative Director and consultant working out of Oakland, California.  Packing a six-shooter of creativity, observation, and wit, she has extensive experience in creative project management, community building, and strategic planning.

Jennie Kay has worked with the Burning Man Regional Network for almost fifteen years in addition to being on the Grantmaking Board for The Pollination Project, Advisory Board for Burners Without Borders, and continuing to volunteer her written and design talents to several non-profit and community groups. Prior to current calling, she worked for several years in municipal Community Development.

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Mary Jane Gibson

Mary Jane Gibson, former culture editor at High Times, is a prominent female voice in one of the largest emerging industries and worldwide cultural shifts in modern times, traveling the world tracking the legalization of medical marijuana, adult-use cannabis and CBD with integral public figures, brands and personalities since 2007. She’s also the co-host of the top-rated Weed+Grub podcast alongside fellow actor/comedian Mike Glazer.

Mary Jane's unique perspective in cannabis and world culture has earned her work with numerous media outlets, including Rolling Stone, Playboy and PBS, and the title “one of the 15 most powerful women in the weed industry” by Complex Magazine. She has conducted in-depth celebrity interviews with Margaret Cho, Melissa Etheridge, Awkwafina, Charlie Sheen, Jim Belushi, LaGanja Estranja, the Super Troopers and more. Mary Jane is also an award-winning playwright and actor. 

solanite consulting

Solanite Consulting

Solanite Consulting offers a wide range of technical services and solutions. Our experienced professionals have extensive product, information technology and software development knowledge.

We will work with you to completely understand your requirements and constraints, to make well informed recommendations and to create a solution based on your business needs.

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The Swing Shift

The Swing Shift is the destination for women in career transition. Designed specifically for women who are moving into a new field or returning to the workforce after an extended absence, The Swing Shift offers customized, expert-led programming in a structured, supportive cohort model that equips our attendees with the necessary tools and mindset to compete in a modern job search.

We partner with mission-aligned industry leaders and employers that are committed to enhancing and advancing career opportunities for women.