Where’s my super suit?!? — San Diego @Comic_Con 2018 #SDCC @mattnixtv @themelalee @ericalindbeck @TabBEP

Where’s my super suit?!? — San Diego @Comic_Con 2018 #SDCC @mattnixtv @themelalee @ericalindbeck @TabBEP

As a lover of comic books, graphic novels, artists, superheroes movies and TV series I’m giddy about being involved with this project. Who hasn’t spun around like Wonder Woman as a young girl or maybe, um, yesterday? To see her and so many other brilliant superheroes in print, in cool TV series and on the big screen bringing justice to the world makes my heart sing.

Thrilled to announce that I’m moderating my first education/how to panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con with an amazing group of panelists.

Women and Economics - History Guides Us, the Fierce, Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Women and Economics - History Guides Us, the Fierce, Charlotte Perkins Gilman
“to free an entire half of humanity from an artificial position; to release vast natural forces from a strained and clumsy combination, and set them free to work smoothly and easily as they were intended to work; to introduce conditions that will change humanity from within, making for better motherhood and fatherhood, better babyhood and childhood, better food, better homes, better society, this is to work for human improvement along natural lines.”
— Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Women and Economics — A Study of the Economic Relations Between Men and Women as a Factor in Social Evolution

Sense Memory.

Sense Memory.

I wish sometimes you could capture the smell of a place.

History/Herstory lives in a scent.

The long room here in the old library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland takes me back to being 24 and being on the precipice of a big new beautiful chapter of my life.

That first trip outside the US filled my head and heart with wonder.

Sitting here this morning, I’m filled with gratitude that I’m back here today. Completing some sort of circle.

To try.

To try.

I’d rather make a mistake

Than not try.

I’d rather reach out

Then stay still.

I’d rather fall on my face

Then never leap.

I’d rather make a fool of myself

Then let the spark walk by.

My Morning Making Ritual #inspiration

My Morning Making Ritual — a combo of this has been in effect for the past year and a half or so.

But I added to it today, lemon water and calling my senators. :)


Meditate 10 min — they are free and awesome.


Read an article on Medium or 10 min of a current book.


Write for 10–20 minutes (ideas for blogs, journal entry something non-work for me)


Call my Senators — CA — Dianne Feinstein & Kamala Harris with my choices/thoughts on the cabinet, climate denial, women's rights and reproductive freedom.


Drink a big glass of lemon water. (and keep it full all day)


Eat 2 hard-boiled eggs, 3 Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausages, half an avocado, and coffee with almond milk. Feed the dog same time.


Shower and get dressed for the day.


Check my calendar, email, Hubspot, Twitter, Instagram and FB in that order.


With that I’m fierce, awesome and ready to take on whatever.


In the late afternoon/evening I exercise, work on my Spanish with Duolingo and usually read/write some more along with emails, go out and see stuff, get outside.


What’s your ritual? I’ve found that having one and sticking to it as much as humanly possible makes for great productivity and the ability for me to be even better at dealing with things on the fly. Thank you Rachel!


This isn’t a resolution, I don’t do those and don’t like those. This is my continuing to pay attention to what I need and obsessing about me instead of other people and things. Try a ritual — heck make it simply two things you do every morning. 


My Dad told me about a book called Grit by Angela Duckworth and how if you make your bed every morning like the Navy SEALS, you accomplished that for the day.


It is the little things.

Happy 2017.


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Of Service, Those That Caretake Us and Our World

Of Service, Those That Caretake Us and Our World

Of service. All hail the people in the world who work in the "service" industry.

We all do in a way, parents are the greatest of all, IMHO.