Building Your Personal Brand – The Seven Characteristics of a Master Networker

events microsoft personal brand Feb 25, 2020

Last week I hosted a session at my local Microsoft Store on networking Connecting the Dots - Seven Characteristics of a Master Networker which is one component of my Personal Brand Workshop. 

Networking is a huge component of building your personal brand and a subject that I love. Networking can be intimidating, and I thrive on sharing tips and tricks to help both extroverts and introverts in any situation to help build this segment of your personal brand.  

During the talk, I taught attendees all about leveraging LinkedIn’s Find Nearby and Scan QR code app technology. Check out a short video of the moment. 

For the larger session, I went through the seven characteristics I believe are the key to be a master networker. 

  1. Leverage technology 
  2. Outside your circle 
  3. Digital and analog 
  4. Gratitude 
  5. Follow up and follow-through 
  6. Know, like, and trust 
  7. The authentic you 


 View the entire Master Networker session  


February is Entrepreneurship Month – Get your LinkedIn Profile Picture Updated 

One of the other features of our event was the LinkedIn Photo Studio inside the Microsoft Store. Through March, many Microsoft Stores have a LinkedIn Photo Studio for you to take a new profile picture. Grab a friend, get your look set, head to your local the Microsoft Store, take turns and snap some photos. Check the “spotlight” area of your local Microsoft Store to see if this offering is in your area.  

#Protip: If you have an iPhone, choose Portrait and play with both natural light, studio light, and contour light settings for your photos, they will be amazing. We had a ton of fun helping each other do this as you can see in the photos we took. Never miss any opportunity for a photoshoot and to update your profile, especially for free.  

Thank Yous 

Thank you to Sal Coldrock Rosales, my SoCal Microsoft guru who introduced me to all SoCal Microsoft Store leads including Karla Torres, the amazing Community Development Specialist, Ambassadors Councils Program Manager for the Westfield Century City store. Karla, thank you for being a wonderful host and such an enthusiastic community leader. I cannot wait to lead another event with you.  

Thank you to all who came and participated. We had a great turnout with lots of interaction, questions, and new profile pictures taken leveraging the LinkedIn Photo Studio. 

Building a strong personal brand that is uniquely yours is important in our ever-changing, fast-paced world. Putting your best foot forward with an experienced guide will help you level up how you present yourself. Learn more about my Personal Brand Workshop 

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