writing Aug 19, 2019

Is typing…

Maybe. Or maybe not.

It depends.

Haven’t decided.

Can’t find the words.

They can’t seem to either.

Will this work?




You there…

No, nothing.

Wait a minute.

Just say something, will you?

I see you, then you erase it.

Is typing…

Are you waiting?

Waiting for me or am I waiting for you?


Maybe I should call?

Will you call me?

I should wait.

Yes, fuck it I’ll wait.

Sending a text — isn’t that easy?

Is typing…

The dots ripple.


Distracted distraction.






Is typing…

Let it be.

Untangle me from this technology.

Isn’t typing…

Isn’t waiting…


Emotional labor is exhausting.

Let yourself off the hook. Wriggle yourself off the line and go swim in another lane.

Isn’t typing…

Block and be done?

Living in a digital world (digital)
Living in a digital world
Living in a digital world (digital)
Living in a digital, digital, digital.


Is typing…again, maybe.

The average American cannot go more than 12 minutes without reaching for their phone. Dopamine is the brain chemical of pleasure and happiness that is released during both orgasm and texting. We are a culture anxious with wanting. Anticipation and uncertainty breed anxiety which always craves the release. I want you to want me, I need you to need me — Cheap Trick had it right in the 70’s pre-smart phones. How do we release from our addiction to this longing? It is a practice.

The Psychology Behind Texting, According to Science, by Griffin Wynne

When you break up with your phone and invite the quiet by Heather Newman

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