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Women who inspire me, Women’s March 2019

Women who inspire me, Women’s March 2019

International Women’s Day? Women’s History Month? I believe every day and every month are (or should be) about women. But not just women; I want all humans to get it together, as in two-gether. Because it takes two (or really more like 7.7 billion) people to make this thing work. We need everyone, every day.

I love shouting the celebration from the rooftops, uncovering (and to borrow a phrase from Makers Women) and sharing the Bold and Untold stories of women globally throughout history. I make this uncovering part of my job every day. We need to see and celebrate our real potential, especially among our young women and girls.

But I’m not all about history. I’m also looking to the future.

In 200 years, I want my name to be remembered as part of the brave, inspiring, and inclusive force that brought balance and equality to our world. I learn more about this every day, being mindful that all my actions serve to drive these ideas.

Every day is a gift; life is short and precious. I want what we all want: to be fierce and strong, to be loved and taken care of, to be inspired and to inspire others. These are fundamental desires, no matter where or how we live or who we are and what we believe. Diversity doesn’t override these basic needs, which is why I’m genuinely perplexed we can’t get past our differences and see (then pursue) our common goals.

I feel such gratitude for all the beautiful people in my life, even if they aren’t there every day (or any more), and for all the incredible experiences I get to have because of my chosen career. I have bad days and disappointments just like anyone, but my superpower is spreading joy and connection, so I never stay blue for too long. I know I’m lucky to work in an industry that gives me many great opportunities every day.

I think celebrating women is crucial, which is why I celebrate them with vigor and tenacity. But I also love men and am blessed with so many good ones in my life, starting with my Dad. I believe everyone has a beautiful and unique story. Sharing these stories is how we connect, overcome feelings of isolation, and bring about real change. Sometimes our stories are tough — filled with trauma, violence, oppression, and hurt — but these stories need to see daylight and be heard, just like the happy stories of triumph and glory.

I believe educating our children and ourselves is the only route to stopping violence against women. If we can break this cycle, we can eventually lift our society to new and wonderful heights. The pendulum swings here too, and I think that balance is absolutely essential. I love that the theme for International Women’s Day was “Balance for Better,” calling for that pendulum to right itself… and soon.

I appreciate all the feedback, support, and sharing of what I write, say, record, and do in the world, so thank you and please let me know how I can help do more.

I’m proud to be one woman and to celebrate all women. I’m impressed and inspired to watch so much goodness unfold every day, through each of you working to alleviate fear, toxicity, pain, and suffering. Keep it up; we need every one of us to create the world we want to live in every day.

Happy Women’s History Month.

Empathy makes us human; actions make us warriors. Here’s to another beautiful day on this big blue spinning sphere.


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