Professional. Engaging. Candid. Fun.

Heather speaks regularly on technology, building brand, networking, marketing and women's issues.  She participates as a guest speaker at conferences, podcasts, Periscopes, Blabs, TweetJams, and internet, TV/radio interviews.  Where do you need a marketing maven?

speaking topics  - Choose your own adventure.

  • Building Your Big Beautiful Brand
  • 15 years of living and breathing Microsoft (SharePoint)
  • Networking
  • Technology Marketing
  • The Marriage of Theater and Technology
  • Women in Technology

Or choose your own topic and Heather will create something specifically for your audience. Be it your next team meeting or 10,000 person keynote address, she will cater to your needs with her years of experience. She has a special way of bring of joy, humor and light to your event.

Enter Stage Right - your Keynote Speaker, Heather Newman.

Whether it is reinventing image, delving deep into career building or inspiring teams to connect deeper, Heather's experience as a Chief Marketing Officer, business owner and theater professional rev up any stage. Light up your events with a creative badass who inspires, cajoles and connects.





Speaking engagements in 2018

January:  SharePoint Saturday San Diego - Topic: Microsoft Planner

Speaking engagements in 2017

March: AIIM 2017, Kick off of Women in Information Management Group

March: SharePoint Friday Honolulu 2017 - Topics:  SharePoint Change Management & Microsoft Planner

April: SPTech Con 2017, Austin, TX - Topics: SharePoint Change Management & Microsoft Planner & Women in SharePoint Lunch Panel

July: SharePoint Saturday NYC 2017 - Topic: Microsoft Planner

November: European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference - Topic: Microsoft Planner


September: Microsoft Ignite 2016, Atlanta, GA Topic: Improve Office 365 Adoption: Top 10 Ways

November:  Women in Technology Lunch Session, European SharePoint Conference 2016, Vienna, Austria.  Topic:  Make Moments That Matter: The Impact of Embracing What Moves You

December:  Women in Technology Lunch Panel, SPTech Con 2016, San Francisco, CA Topic:  Your Big Beautiful Brand

Year Round:  SharePoint Saturday and User Group Events in Cincinnati, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Honolulu, Chicago and Vancouver.

speaking engagements in 2015

April:  Women in Technology Lunch Panel, SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015, London, England

October:  The CMO Club Breakout Session.  Topic:  You're Fired:  Flipping Failure Into Your Most Fortuitous Moment

November:  Women in Technology Lunch Session, European SharePoint Conference 2015, Stockholm, Sweden.  Topic:  The Marriage of Theatre & TechnologyFebruary:  Women in Technology Lunch Panel, SPTech Con 2015, Austin, Texas

December:  CMO Radio - CMO Radio Interview.  Topic:  On Coping With Job Loss and Transition

Year Round:  SharePoint Saturday and User Group Events in Utah, Silicon Valley, Nashville, Cincinnati, San Diego and Redmond.

Photo by Heather Newman

Location:  London, England, UK.  April 2015.  SharePoint Evolution Conference, QEII Centre, Women in Tech panel, #shareselfie with amazing colleagues.