Women in Technology Discussion with Heather Newman - Hyperfish Podcast

Jeremy Thake talks to Heather Newman, co-founder and CMO at Content Panda, about Women in Technology and Women in SharePoint. They discuss the Women in Technology activities that happened at Ignite and more on this topic.

Heather discussed:

  • The women in technology events at Ignite
  • What successes are happening in the industry
  • What advice would she gives to everyone on this topic
  • What books and videos motivate her
  • What Content Panda helps Office 365 customers with

Unwrapping the Impact of Teams on Traditional Collaboration - 2 Guys and SharePoint Ignite Live Stream

Heather Newman joined the 2 Guys and SharePoint Ignite Live Stream to discuss Microsoft Teams and Enterprise Content Management.

Hosted by Alistair Pugin and featuring Metalogix CEO, Trevor Hellebuyck and Content Panda CMO/Co-Founder, Heather Newman. They discuss topics such as:

  • The impact of Microsoft Teams on content management
  • How Teams impacts user engagement and contextual experiences
  • Where information management is heading
  • The end of ECM and the rise of content management.