your brand begins before, during and after you enter a room

Does your brand match your why? Alive, awake and kicking, become the expert of you and your brand, become a brand maven. See yourself with fresh eyes, a new take and a bigger reach. Let’s light a spark and take your story to the next level.

light the Spark: Ignite your Personal Brand

Sometimes you need someone to help you level up, to focus, to ask the hard questions. Having someone dedicated to you, let me repeat that - "to YOU" is one of the biggest gifts you can give your career. Book a one-on-one workshop and we will help you enliven your brand – bolder and better than you thought it could be.

Enter stage right - your personal brand Guide

Our time together will guide you through a six step methodology to ignite your personal brand:

STEP 1: What’s Your Story Morning Glory – AM Activation

STEP 2: Why Do You Get Out of Bed? Your Personal Why

STEP 3: Oh Yes, A LinkedIn Lovefest/Social Media Superstar

STEP 4: Megaphone Moment - Practice Your Pitch

STEP 5: Hi, My Name Is - Networking Preparation

STEP 6: Lighting The Spark of You - Every Day Action Plan

Request a quote today because you are ready to invest in yourself.

Develop Focus.

Bounce Ideas.

Facilitate Change.

What creative maven clients are saying

Heather Newman is one of the most well-loved and respected people in the Microsoft SharePoint community. I challenge anyone to try and walk across a trade show floor with her without stopping. Her hard work and passion for making things better inspires the people around her. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her. She is a born leader and I consider her a great mentor.
— Allison Gerlach, Producer, Chicago Cultural Mile Association

Photo by Heather Newman

Location:  San Diego Marina, San Diego, CA. April 2015. Springtime sunset from the Sheraton Marina Hotel.