The Microsoft Partner Ecosystem is 430,000 organizations strong with 160 million shared customers.

Microsoft spends over 3 million dollars on partners every year. Are you getting a piece of the action?  A myriad of programs, connections - are you getting everything you need and want from Microsoft? Do you know all the ins and of building a partner go to market strategy?

Why struggle in the dark.  

Get yourself a go to market guru who has the ability to keep up with the every changing acronym, program and person in a 95,000 person strong organization. Sometimes you need someone who knows the way and has the inside track.

Enter stage right - your Partnership maven, Heather Newman.

Heather on-boarded the first 60 partners for the SharePoint ecosystem back in 2003, she ran global marketing for two major Microsoft ISV partners:  AvePoint & Knowledgelake (both of whom who have won multiple Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards.) She continues to keep current through her technology company, Content Panda's partnership with Microsoft. Request a quote because you want to go forward with the best personalized Microsoft partner guidance available in the market today.

What Creative Maven clients are saying

Heather did a great job in building marketing collateral for 35 global ISV partners of Microsoft located in North America and Western Europe. The partners were greatly impressed at the professionalism of her work, which reflected well on Microsoft and my team. :-)
— Stephen K Lo, Microsoft Corp

Photo by Heather Newman

Location:  Tokyo, Japan. April 2013. Shinagawa Station, Takanawa District. On my way to work, Microsoft Office 365 dominates the advertising screens, feels like home, but different.