why does your business exist? are you driving the conversation?

Does your brand, your marketing, your message, your story match your why? Alive, awake and kicking, become the expert of your business value proposition, brand and narrative. Review Marketing 101 basics and fix the low hanging fruit.

Can any visitor to you website look for 5 seconds and know what you do?

Your brand, your mission, your vision, shouldn't be hidden under a bunch of marketing speak or technical jargon. Let Creative Maven review your website, your marketing plan, your content marketing, your social. We'll review with you, report back to you and recommend next steps specific to you and your business.

Enter stage right - your Virtual cmo and marketing team

Our methodology:

Review your current state of marketing

  1. Define your audience

  2. Build and clarify your message

  3. Decide on your one-liner and tagline

  4. Revamp your website home page wireframe

  5. Decide on your call to action

  6. Implement the deep dive framework

The workshop includes:

  • Two pre and post workshop meetings

  • One day workshop with the appropriate team members at the table


  • A new messaging framework, one-liner, tagline, home page wireframe, and your call to action.

We've worked with a variety of businesses: a CEO and their massive marketing team, a two-person managed services team, a small executive team, a five-person marketing team without their executives, a musician, a DJ, and a cultural magazine editor, just to name a few.

These are Fortune 500 companies, startups, artists/musicians/sole proprietor shops. What is the same about all of these clients and most businesses is that they need more consistency, more clarity and someone from outside the organization who can see the forest through the trees.

Request a quote today because you are ready to bring in an expert to sit along side you, challenge you and help you and your team level up.


Define your why.

understand perception.

Clarify Your Message.

What creative maven clients are saying

I’ve worked with Heather on and off in the industry for almost nine years. We’ve collaborated on projects, shared ideas, and I helped her with online advertising marketing campaigns. I can say without a doubt, Heather is one sharp woman! She knows the software industry, is well versed in marketing strategies which play well into audience acquisition. She works incredibly well with professionals and people inside and outside of the high tech industry. I find her to be a super talented human being that I personally have learned so much from.
— Jackie Davis Weise, Sr Acct Executive, Heliospectra AB

Photo by Heather Newman

Location:  Beijing, China.  May 2012. Tigris Coffee Shop, who pours an excellent cup of joe.