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Event Maven Tip — Quick Connections — Leverage the LinkedIN App Find Nearby Feature

Event Maven Tip — Quick Connections — Leverage the LinkedIN App Find Nearby Feature

Event Maven #ProTip — I learned this brilliant trick during a recent International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners — IAMCP SoCal event from one a gal, one of our awesome members. As a conference speaker, community member and Microsoft MVP I have the great privilege of meeting many people at various events that I’m involved with around the globe.

And I would love to take the moment to connect with everyone who is attending a session, sitting at a meetup table, in a hallway conversation, or in a reception but business cards get forgotten in a bag and there is never enough time to connect and put someone in your phone with every person especially in those larger sessions.

So I share with you a great way to network and connect with people that is super easy. I now put a slide in the beginning (above photo) of every presentation I give and start all meetups, gatherings, etc… with this action.

Why Toxic People Are Dangerous: Sashay Away

Why Toxic People Are Dangerous: Sashay Away

Reading the last email where someone in my life decided to put me and my work down in front of other people I started thinking about my How to Kick Fear and Toxicity Out of the Workplace presentation, and I came to the following:

We have three choices as we navigate dealing with toxic people:

  • The path of least resistance — Keeping quiet, lowering expectations trying to get through with as few confrontations as possible

  • The path of confrontation — Getting down and getting into it

  • The path of “I’m done” — To turn on one’s heel and simply walk away.

Hidden Figures and Secret Loves

Hidden Figures and Secret Loves

My latest observations of the human animal have lead me to some conclusions….

What we do for love is vast and epic. And not always right.

So much of life hinges on appearances and worries about what others will think, about situations we get ourselves into where we have to hide our love and affection for one another.

Love in secret or love now given and later taken away. What’s public, what’s private, and who decides? Especially when we bring in social and cyber etiquette and integrity regarding relationships into the mix. Which affects us deeply whether we think it does or not. We watch, consume and act on what we see in the ether and tell ourselves stories based on likes, posts and photos of what may or may not be reality. Even when we actually talk to each other we are in most occasions full of fear and afraid.

We fall in love so very easily, but we are also so guarded, often trapped in situations that guarantee someone will inevitably be hurt.