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Hidden Figures and Secret Loves

Hidden Figures and Secret Loves

My latest observations of the human animal have lead me to some conclusions….

What we do for love is vast and epic. And not always right.

So much of life hinges on appearances and worries about what others will think, about situations we get ourselves into where we have to hide our love and affection for one another.

Love in secret or love now given and later taken away. What’s public, what’s private, and who decides? Especially when we bring in social and cyber etiquette and integrity regarding relationships into the mix. Which affects us deeply whether we think it does or not. We watch, consume and act on what we see in the ether and tell ourselves stories based on likes, posts and photos of what may or may not be reality. Even when we actually talk to each other we are in most occasions full of fear and afraid.

We fall in love so very easily, but we are also so guarded, often trapped in situations that guarantee someone will inevitably be hurt.

When We Screw Up — The Power of I’m Sorry

When We Screw Up — The Power of I’m Sorry

Things happen.

The unforeseen.

The accident.

The mishap.

A thoughtless phase uttered in public or in private.

Things beyond ones control.

Even things within one’s control but that don’t go the right way.

Tis life.

But when they do, and you disappoint someone, don’t make a commitment, don’t show up, can’t do something you said you’d do, there is an easy way to deal with that.

Freshen Up That Lip Gloss, Darlin

I’m covered in oil from the bags of coffee I’m pouring into the dispensers. One of the early morning jobs I have at The Epicurean kitchen store at the mall.

I have an apron on over one of my “Sunday best” work dresses. That and high heels are a requirement of the dress code for the women of the store.

Though I am lugging and opening heavy boxes of merchandise and coffee to put on the shelves, heels must be worn at all times.

I have worked here for 4 months. I have been promoted to Assistant Manager. I have the highest sales of anyone in the store. We make commission on everything we sell.

I’m 23.