Despair. Disappointment. Disgust.

Despair. Disappointment. Disgust.

I see a lot of social posts about despair, disappointment, disgust, and “what is happening?”

The dismantling of one’s ideals and what we thought is true, of who we are and what we stand for as a people is disheartening.

But you are not the first nor the last that this will happen to, it is and has been happening since time began.

For new ground to be broken, there will be cracks and fissures that swallow people up whole.

We pulled out of the Paris Agreement, now what? Read. Stay the Course.

The Paris Agreement is only sixteen pages — worth a read to see what the U.S. (our country) just pulled out of… it is of course about climate change but this voluntary agreement is also about the eradication of poverty, sharing scientific data, safeguarding food, creating jobs, human rights, and gender equality. All of that is in there.