What Burning Man Taught Me About Belonging

What Burning Man Taught Me About Belonging

I was always the new kid, the transplant growing up because my Father was good at his job, a fixer. A JCPenney Department Store needed to be turned around, and so he would be promoted, he did this for his 40-year career there, and thus our family moved to many new places.

It is one of the things that made me the extrovert I am today.

Geekricans, #ComicCon #PuertoRico

Geekricans, #ComicCon #PuertoRico

Geekricans is my new favorite word.

Heroes come in many shapes and forms.

Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria.

4,600 people dead.

Countless homes and hearts destroyed.

Attitudes of carelessness avail.

Electricity still not back on many parts of the island.

Recovery isn’t a one-time shot, it is daily and happens over decades.

Puertorriqueños are kicking ass, but they still need our help.