Event Planning

Day 29, June 2016, #BornWithWings Writing Challenge - Connection

Day 29, June 2016, #BornWithWings Writing Challenge - Connection

I do love speaking at events. I've loved producing events. There is a satisfaction to creating an experience for people that keeps you buzzing for days. Crafting, curating, sculpting moments, feelings, environments.

Roadwarrior Travel Maven Tips & Tricks

I always look at my Camelback and suitcase with nothing but unadulterated excitement.  Where are we going next?  I often say passport, AMEX, sunglasses, nap blanket and my phone and I can go anywhere... Where are YOU off to next?  Can I help?  I hope so.  Here are a few tips and tricks for you as summer ends. 

Touching Gatesness

“He is coming!” whisper-yells my colleague. The year is 2002. I’m standing in front of our Global Customer Evidence Booth in New Orleans and I’m about to meet Bill Gates. My life changes today. I’m 30 years old, it’s my birthday week and I am about to start my journey into the world of technology and tradeshows.

#TradeshowMaven Tip: #TakeCareofYourTootsies #SPC14 #Conv14 @thewalkingco

So, this question has come up over and over again in forums and by folks asking me what kind of shoes I wear to get through a week long tradeshow.

Here are a few tips specifically for Las Vegas and the SharePoint Conference #SPC14 the first week of March but they apply really to any event.

#LifeisGood - Notes from a Great Keynote

I had the good fortune to see the lovely and excellent Frisbee-thrower Bert Jacobs , CEO - Chief Executive Optimist (one half of the dynamic sibling duo) who own and run the wonderful company Life is Good.  I love their story, how they run their company and their marketing.  I reference this OneNote page from a couple of years ago quite a bit and there's a ton of goodness that I thought I'd share. Cheers!