Hooray!!! Kindle for Window 7 Phone Released!!! - ZDNet Review

I literally said to my husband yesterday how I couldn't wait for Amazon  to drop the app for Windows 7 Phone. It dropped TODAY!  I love it when a plan comes together. My love affair with Kindle and my Window 7 Phone just increased two-fold. 

ZDNet gives a great overview here.



Books I've Just Finished:

My Reading Life by Pat Conroy - One of my favorite authors, this book is a beautiful journey through Mr. Conroy's love of literature and the people in his life who inspired him.  Fantastic!!  And eye-candy for anyone who loves words.  For more on Pat Conroy, his official site.

The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss - I'm a Tim Ferriss Believer.  His book the 4HWW is a wonderful and the 4HB is really interesting and we'll see in a few months.  I love that Tim is in my age bracket, has similar wants that I do out of life and has such a passionate and let's see how this goes attitude in his books.   Tim's blog is great - if you don't you should.


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