The Voice of New Orleans — John Boutté

The Voice of New Orleans — John Boutté

Hallelujah, sing hallelujah. John’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s song is majestic. There is nothing like a crowd of people singing this song together to remind you of who we are as humans, who we should be and that we all need a little more kindness, love and compassion in our lives, our country, this world of ours.

Funk is…. making something out of nothing @Bootsy_Collins @GrandPerfs

Funk is…. making something out of nothing @Bootsy_Collins @GrandPerfs

So, the funk mothership lands and all you see is a beam of light, and a hear a bassline and horns that make your booty shake. And bad ass, shining star Bootsy Collins comes through the entire crowd, walks on water and hugs you. I say hot damn. I’ve been shaking tail to Bootsy, Parliament Funkadelic and James Brown since I was a kid — the bassline and horn sections of that music live in my heart.

Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive

Gather 'round me, everybody

Gather 'round me while I preach some

Feel a sermon comin' on me

The topic will be sin

And that's what I'm agin

If you want to hear my story

Then settle back and just sit tight

While I start reviewing

The attitude of doing right…

I plug in my iPhone to my Mini Cooper. And these words come out of the speakers. Every time.