Last day of the year. Clean Slate.

Beach time on the afternoon of 12/31.

Beach time on the afternoon of 12/31.

Last day of year.

Crossing the line, when miraculously all the things of the past year are over,

done and the slate is wiped clean. Right?

I like the concept and I like that we all believe in this theory.

I see so many mimes and #Quotes and all that — like we all do, full of positive thoughts, and “this year I’m going to…”

For me it goes back to moments.

Being in them.

Recognizing them.

No past, no future.

The present moment and feeling them fully.

Micro, macro, exponential. Sparks.

We miss so much sometimes with the hustle, the noise, the to-do lists, the energy suckers, the needy needy Mcneedersons in our lives.

Enough of missing the moments because of those things and people.

With an ear of deep listening.

With turning off my phone more.

With slowing down time, because you can if you try.

With continuing to say yes deeply.

With continuing to say no with a hell no.

With love, vats and vats and vats of love.

With sitting in the happy.


And more toes in the ocean.

Happy New Year and wishing everyone that clean slate,

the hope of what is new

and enjoying every moment of all of those moments

That we all are about to have.

Thank you to everyone I have the utter pleasure of having in my life.

Love you so much.

Happy New Year.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven,

Heather is a marketer, writer, playwright, Microsoft MVP and lover of culture and “the why”. She has worked for over 20 years in technology and the arts. Heather lives in Los Angeles, California and enjoys traveling the world speaking about Office 365, SharePoint and Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. She is a published playwright, was born and raised in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois, is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Drama, Seattle WA and did a semester abroad at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Heather is always looking for an excuse to go to New Orleans, London, Brooklyn and the list of cities she made in her Dad’s Time/Life map when she was 11.

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