Wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking is so much better than assumptions and expectations. You know the ass out of u and me bit.

Not having them is hard. But oh so good when you give them up. What is in our minds and sometimes not communicated can be devastating and the million paper cuts that wound a relationship.

When you say you are going to do something of course, do it. However no one is a mind reader, even those folks on Melrose Avenue or any town who have the neon flashing ‘psychic’ signs aren’t always on point.

Wishful thinking. If you want something ask for it. Yet there is nothing wrong ever with making a wish and thinking and believing it will come true.

Desire and hope are beautiful things.

Art on the wall you see when walking to your gate at the airport…

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather (hedda) Newman, Creative MavenWant more Maven Moments? Once a month we share where to find Heather in the world and the most “maven/expert” opinions on marketing, brand, travel, music, and culture that we like from the internet

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