A Beautiful Awards Brunch and a Museum for Women’s History — NWHM

A table full of loveliness, Lisa LoCicero, Gloria Calderon Kellett, India de Beaufort, Ariel Grant and me.

A table full of loveliness, Lisa LoCicero, Gloria Calderon Kellett, India de Beaufort, Ariel Grant and me.

Women Making History Awards — National Women’s History Museum Brunch

Being surrounded with powerful, amazing women taking action is a place I love to be. Last weekend I attended the Women Making History Awards — National Women’s History Museum Brunch here in Los Angeles.

I am a charter member donor to see a new museum for Women’s History be built in Washington DC in the National Mall. I couldn’t be more excited about this. I had reached out to some of the Los Angeles chapter members a few months ago, and it was great to meet so many fantastic women and men at the brunch. It was a gorgeous red carpet event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. This theater major also geeked out having Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel in the same room. Magic.

Kathy Bates, receiving her award from dear friend and AHS co-star Sarah Paulson

Kathy Bates, receiving her award from dear friend and AHS co-star Sarah Paulson

The mission of the NWHM is to educate, inspire, empower, and shape the future by integrating women’s distinctive history into the culture and history of the United States.

On Mother’s Day weekend two decades ago, a group of women dedicated themselves to moving Adelaide Johnson’s Portrait Monument to Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony out of the U.S. Capitol’s basement, known as the Crypt, to its rightful place in the Capitol Rotunda.

The statue more commonly known as The Woman Suffrage Statue memorializes pioneering suffragists and first arrived at the Capitol on February 10, 1921. On February 15, it was unveiled in a ceremony as a gift from the “women of the Nation…to the People of the United States,” by the National Woman’s Party. The very next day, “the Portrait Monument traveled outdoors, down the Capitol steps, and through the doors into the Crypt” where it remained for nearly 76 years.

The National Women’s History Museum’s vision is to build a world-class museum at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The National Women’s History Museum currently raises awareness and honors women’s diverse experiences and achievements through its dynamic online museum, educational programs, scholarship, and research. Once housed prominently among the other great museums of Washington, D.C., it will create better understanding and greater partnerships among men and women. The National Women’s History Museum will be the first museum in any nation’s capital to show the full scope of the history of its women and will serve as a guiding light to people everywhere. NWHM also has a program to help women’s history have representation in social studies. With the announcement from The Texas Board of Education taking both Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller out of textbooks, this work couldn’t be more important.

The NWHM does not seek to rewrite history, but highlight the important role women make to society, business, science, politics, and every aspect of our culture. We look forward to continuing to work with Reps. Maloney and Royce, Sens. Collins and Feinstein, the appropriate Committee Members, our 55,000 Charter members, and all our stakeholders to move the legislation to passage in Congress to build a National Women’s History Museum on the National Mall. HR 19, the Women’s History Museum Act was introduced on March 21, 2017, by Representatives Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Ed Royce (R-CA) introduced H.R. 19, the Women’s History Museum Act with 127 cosponsors.

On June 29, 2017, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced S. 1498, the American Women’s History Museum Act with 11 cosponsors.

The legislation:

States that the nation deserves a national women’s history museum.

Establishes the museum.

H.R. 19 identifies two possible sites on the National Mall.

S. 1498 identifies two possible sites and allows for the Smithsonian Board of Regents to identify an additional site.

Requires private funds for the Museum construction.

Authorizes federal funds for the planning, design, and operations of the Museum.

As of 8/9/17, H.R. 19 has more than 240 cosponsors, and S. 1498 has more than 12.

America deserves a national physical museum dedicated to integrating women’s distinctive contributions into our culture and history.

The Museum should be built on a highly prominent location close to other museums on or very close to the National Mall.

The Museum should be composed of a strong permanent collection with supplemental exhibits or objects on loan from other museums and archives, including components of the Smithsonian.

Call to Action

Senators are urged to pass S. 1498 that will provide a building site on or near the National Mall.

Members of Congress are urges to pass H.R. 19.


Build a world-class museum on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., that will show the full scope of women’s contributions to history and set the standard for how those contributions should occupy a prominent place in national discussions.

Invite men and women of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to join NWHM at this critical point in our journey and help us make progress toward a future that more fully integrates women’s distinct contributions into our culture.

Create and become the very hub for women’s history in the United States. A hub that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. A hub that we will point to with pride and that will lead the way among nations advocating and celebrating women.

Build a physical presence and a growing, state-of-the-art online presence and a robust program that brings our collections to museums and schools around the country in collaboration and partnership with scholars, centers of learning, communities, and other institutions.

NWHM has been working diligently to build a foundation to launch a comprehensive capital campaign to raise private funds to build the Museum. We look forward to working with Congress to build a strong public-private partnership.

Me, Actress Dawn Lyne-Gardner and Activist Patrisse Cullors

Me, Actress Dawn Lyne-Gardner and Activist Patrisse Cullors

On September 15, 2018, the National Women’s History Museum and its Los Angeles Regional Council, hosted an exclusive brunch that commemorated women’s achievements and generated awareness of the importance of preserving women’s history, highlighting the need for a national women’s history museum on the National Mall in Washington, DC.


Actress/Director/LE&RN Ambassador Kathy Bates

Actress/Activist/Mom Kristen Bell

Artist/Organizer/New York Times Best-Selling Author/Educator Patrisse Cullors

Actress/New York Times Best-Selling Author/Entrepreneur/Activist Gabrielle Union

The ladies who run this show. Fabulous

The ladies who run this show. Fabulous

The brunch event, presented by American Airlines, NWHM Board Chair Susan D. Whiting and Morgan Stanley, recognized all four women for making an impact in their professional endeavors, as well as their philanthropic work in social justice, women and children’s health and safety, and education.

Past honorees of the Women Making History Award include former first lady Laura Bush, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, Maya Angelou, Tracee Ellis Ross, Instagram COO Marne Levine, SpaceX president-COO Gwynne Shotwell, Sophia Bush, Rachel Zoe and Rita Moreno.

The awesome Ariel Grant and me

The awesome Ariel Grant and me

My table was so fun, actress Lisa LoCicero of One Life to Live and General Hospital, Gloria Calderon Kellett, One Day at a Time co-creator, executive producer and co-showrunner, India de Beaufort, from Veep and one of our National History Women’s Museum Ambassadors and powerhouse LA marketing manager, Ariel Grant.

Let’s do this!

Let’s do this!

I’m so excited to be a part of this effort and if any of you reading this want to get involved, please let me know. Much of this text is from: https://www.womenshistory.org/

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