Cue the Music, Cue the Lights, It’s Magic Time #MSIgnite

To the producers, the logistics folks. The ones who set up. Go early, stay till after the party is over.

Big ups to all those who are there when the canvas is blank. And clean up after all the festivities are done. The ones in the crew clothing, backstage, behind the curtain, watching from afar or above, many times the ‘all blacks’.

Those are the producers, the ones who get it done.

Months and months of planning for one night, a few days or a week depending.

I loved being an event producer for Microsoft. I wore my headset, threw the parties, managed the meetings, built the expo halls and sent people on stage for over a decade. I continue to do that sometimes, but I tend to the strategy more these days with folks.

My transition from theatre producer to conference producer was an easy one. We just had a bit more money in tech to do what we did. But the planning, the passion, the persistence is the same, and the worry and stress — of will they like it? Will it be good? Can we pull this off?

There is something extraordinary about being a producer. Seeing it all come together for a brief moment in time, have it be amazing and then be over, done, never to truly be seen in that way again.

It is Magic.

This is why I love doing theatre, why I was a theatre major. Why I love going to Burning Man for one week out of the year, where a city is born. Why I still love going to all these Microsoft events over the years.

Events bring people together under a common theme. To celebrate who we are and the things we work so hard on. The things we believe.

A time of deep connection. A time for getting the juices flowing. A time to be inspired, to build relationships, to ready the troops, to envision what could be if we let it, to ignite the flame on whatever it is one does in this world.

I love it. Always have and always will.

Cheers to the producers who will bring us Microsoft Ignite next week in Orlando. And to all of you who wear the headsets at hundreds of thousands of events that happen worldwide in every industry and movements all year round.

You are magic makers. It’s tough job, but it such a beautiful one too.

Kudos and my deepest respect.

Lights up, cue the music and raise that curtain.

The show is about to start.

Our First Office System Demo Theatre in the Expo Hall, Circa 2003. Me, middle, headset.

Our First Office System Demo Theatre in the Expo Hall, Circa 2003. Me, middle, headset.

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather (hedda) Newman, Creative Maven

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