A Kind of Freedom

Songwriters: David Jon Gilmour / Roger Waters — Pink Floyd

Songwriters: David Jon Gilmour / Roger Waters — Pink Floyd

I understand when people say they feel alone.

When they feel lonely.

You can be in the middle of a city of a million people and still feel that way.

You can be loved my many and still feel that way.

You can be sitting next to your person and still feel that way.

There is something about sitting in aloneness that is uncomfortable.

But it is good for you.

The need for attention is deep rooted in all of us.

Being comfortable being alone is a kind of freedom.
To not need. To be content.

However, spending energy trying to fill a void or chasing after people or hanging onto things or to connect with people that really don’t deserve your time anyway, is simply a waste.

Those people and things are simply residue from the past that should really just stay in the past. Or new people who shouldn’t really be a part of your future.

If it isn’t a hell yes, it should be a fuck no.

And never stand for less than 100% because you are worth more than that no matter what the reason. Sometimes people need to earn you. Truly.

But you need to earn, to learn yourself.

I’d rather be comfortably alone, than comfortably numb.

As much as I like that Pink Floyd song…

Sit there in that aloneness, but not too long. Good people are truly not that far away from you ever.

Remember there are always 3 people who you go to.

So go 2 them, when U need 2.
Sometimes I channel my inner Prince.

I would die 4 U. darlin if you want me 2, U, I would die 4 U. yeah.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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