Pushing The Cosmic Re-Set Button

I was wrong to hide my feelings from you.

I was wrong to substitute other people, work and things for what I couldn’t get from you.

For what you shouldn’t have to give me.

I was wrong to not believe you and take your side.

I was wrong to not try harder.

I was wrong to break a promise.

I was wrong to be selfish.

I was wrong to not listen intently every time you spoke.

I was wrong to gloss over things that were important to you.

I was wrong to have no understanding of co-dependence.

I was wrong and I admit that.


I was right to love you.

I was right to know you intimately and let you know me.

I was right to build a beautiful life with you.

I was right to ask the questions.

I was right to decide what was right for me.

I am right to wish you all the best things.

I am right to let you go.

I am right to forgive you for anything I blame you for because that means I forgive myself.

I am right to miss you.

Forgiving my trespasses.

One day, one moment at a time.

Every day.

I hit the button of cosmic re-set.

GPS recalculates.

As do we, to forage a new path.

Where we still meet sometimes,

inside atonement and forgiveness.

Forward motion.

I am often chosen to hear other people’s stories of heartbreak, loss, pain, and relationship woes. I’m always grateful for that trust and learning from them. This piece is a bit of me, a bit of them all in one. Love and loss is one, or two of the grand equalizers.

with deference to Marianne Williamson who sparked my thinking about this subject.

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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