If I Kick It

9 muses, Screenshot from the Universal Pictures movie Xanadu

9 muses, Screenshot from the Universal Pictures movie Xanadu

I hope to live to be an old lady but if I don’t here is what I’d suggest happens.

For me to be cremated, and ashes spread in a body of water, perhaps the Pacific Ocean or in the Mississippi River.

For the funeral to be a celebration of my soul going back into the pool, well of souls or wherever we go for the next beautiful round.

Please make the service a funky glitter disco dance party with the movie Xanadu playing in the background or a viewing. Lots of glitter, lots of phat beats and horns, lots and lots of popcorn and lots and lots of rum. A second line. Maybe a sunset. Not to be too demanding from the ether…

Songs to be played:

I’m alive by ELO
Baby I’m a Star by Prince
Holiday by Madonna
It’s a Kinda Magic by Queen
Little L by Jamiroquai

And for when you remember me, you smile and always know I’m shakin some booty along with you as you keep working on being the best version of you.

That’s it.

No tears, just laughter please.

And remember that you are never alone, you carry the goodness of every moment you’ve ever had with someone with you every day.

We swirl around each other in every go, so I’ll see you soon, sometime on another dance floor near you. People who are in your life are magnetic to you in that way, I believe.

(don’t worry I’m fine, nothing a foot that I know about anyway, just thinking out loud.)

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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