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Beautiful Video by Aliza Pearl from Puerto Rico Comic Con by Nerdist

Beautiful Video by Aliza Pearl from Puerto Rico Comic Con by Nerdist

Geekricans is my new favorite word.

Heroes come in many shapes and forms.

Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria.

4,600 people dead.

Countless homes and hearts destroyed.

Attitudes of carelessness avail.

Electricity still not back on many parts of the island.

Recovery isn’t a one-time shot, it is daily and happens over decades.

Puertorriqueños are kicking ass, but they still need our help.

People like Chef José Andrés, Ricardo Carrion, Emmanuel Marrero Fonseca, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and many, many others continue their service to Puerto Rico with their music, art, food, money, donations, clothes, toys, and basic living items to lead the charge for post-Maria recovery.

I love this video by Aliza Pearl and Jesse B Gill from Nerdist that shows how fandom, community and what we are passionate about can heal us, bring us together and help us to recover from tragedy.

We need a release from our pain and suffering for a moment with things that we love married to direct help, money, and work.

Thank you Nerdist and Aliza for this beautiful video.

To get involved with Puerto Rico hurricane recovery, check out these sites below:

The United Funds of Puerto Rico


Unidos Por Puerto Rico

Hispanic Federation

For more information about La Borinqueña: ‎RICANSTRUCTIONclick here.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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