Get LinkedIn Legit - Are You For Real?

Are you for real? For real, for real? Rocking Your LinkedIn Profile.

Your photo:

  • Tells a story
  • Connects you to a business card with words that most likely does not have your photo
  • Proves you are a real person

If you ask to connect with me on LinkedIn and you don’t have a profile picture I don’t care who you are I won’t connect with you. Unfortunately, with bots and trolls, you do need to prove who you are in today's world.

During my Creative Maven Personal Brand Workshop, I review people’s LinkedIn profile pages with them to make sure their content is accurate, up to date and that we apply a few best practice tips and tricks. LinkedIn is where you get checked out after someone meets you, and I’m always surprised when people don’t have a photo or have one that is terrible. I do realize that some people are private and try to keep their social imprint small in the world. However, LinkedIn profiles with photos are viewed seven times more than those without one.

LinkedIn is also a great a place to share thought leadership pieces that you either write yourself or share other’s content that you like. Having your photo associated with your writing and shares allows people to get to know you or recognize you at an event.

Last year at the Microsoft Ignite Conference, LinkedIn had a booth where they took headshots for people, many organizations are starting to offer this for attendees, always take advantage of the offer.

Rocking Your LinkedIn Profile:

Add a photo, a professional photo. It doesn’t need to be shot by a "professional", though that helps, but a picture that looks like you.

Or update your photo to:

  1. A picture not from 10 years ago
  2. A picture not with your dog (unless you work with dogs for a living)
  3. Use the same photo across all your social media accounts that are public so people can easily find you

That’s it. A quick way to be legit.

And I will tell you a secret.


My headshot on my LinkedIn and all my social properties is a selfie.

The best place to take selfies is in the bathroom in front of the mirror as the lighting is usually good or standing in a window with natural light. That picture has no filter on it either. I took it standing in a hotel window.

Get legit, add that picture.

LinkedIn Profile Image Guidelines

Maximum file size: 8MB

Image size: Minimum 400 x 400 pixels, maximum 20,000 x 20,000 pixels

File type: PNG, JPG or GIF

LinkedIn Profile Photo Guidelines and Conditions