All work and no play, Seattle

on the road again, SeaTac sunset

on the road again, SeaTac sunset

Oh Seattle, you have become synonymous with work for me. And not as much play.

I realize this after many trips in the past few years where I am running and driving from meeting to meeting and client to client and cursing you in a way. As I’m usually fumbling in a rental car, trying not to text, starting a conference call, and figuring out where the hell I’m going as I’m most of the time on the Eastside and also driving in the rain after 12 years of living in California.

Don’t get me wrong I am happy and grateful to run my own businesses and to continue to be involved with some of the biggest and best tech companies in the entire world. But tonight I decided in between running, prepping, untangling my headset cord, moving conference rooms & cords, stuffing chicken breast lunch meat in my mouth, being in back to back meetings and needing to pee, driving to the next thing, I would take a moment with just me.

No running, no trying to squeeze something else in, but to go back to a place I love, that reminds me of simpler times. It has been awhile. My other favorite haunt was Bauhaus Coffee shop on Capitol Hill, I used to begin and end ever trip here there, but alas she is no more.

Oh, 42nd Street and “the Ave” in the University District, hello lovely. I used to live here on 42nd street in a five bedroom house with my buddies from the UW School of Drama. 25 years ago, I walked to class in Hutchinson Hall, to work as the Office Assistant in Terry/Lander dorm, and to the Penthouse and Glen Hughes Playhouse to rehearse and perform.

There are bookstores that are bigger, but there are none better IMHO than Magus Books, I have spent way too many hours and way too many dollars in this store. With a new/old book in hand, and a trip across the street to the Orange King for a teriyaki burger, I am in heaven. You top it off with a coffee in the alley at Cafe Allegro where I sit right now amongst the UW students. Perfection.

To me Seattle is home (one of them anyway) and is where I fell in love with so many things, is where I became an adult, is where a few different times in my life I made some of the best friends I have in my life in college, theatre and at Microsoft, is where I was also immersed in the theater scene, is where I started a business, is where I fell head first into a career in technology, and where I built a life that I loved.

It makes me weep a little, every time I’m here. Cause I miss you Seattle.

Maybe it’s longing/nostalgia.

Maybe it’s memories.

Maybe sometimes you need to revisit places, people and things from your past.

Maybe you just had a long tough day being fabulous and you need a minute.

Maybe it’s because there is and was a lot of happy here.

Regardless, I do love this city, with its sense memory, wonderful coffeehouses, beautiful landscapes and so many people I love.

I’m going to try to do better to play more when I’m here.

To see more of you.

Though there are a LOT of you to see.

Though I always feel like I have to chase people to see them.

Don’t we all have such busy full lives?

That’s not a bad thing.

But I promise I’ll try.

I wish the Last Exit on Brooklyn was still here, I’d break my Whole 30 this month and have a damn Espresso Float.

I wrote this a couple days ago and funny enough my work is going to keep me up here for a few weeks so I’m gonna plan a get together next weekend probably at the Wedgewood Ale house cause I love that place. More to come.

Life is funny that way. Boomerang!

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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