Change the world by investing in those who already are.


He asked me, what do you? I said, well I’m gonna change the world.

Wow, that’s kinda lofty, he said.

Not really, I said. You know why?

No, tell me, he said.

You start with you. You bring your best game. You know your why. Mine is to spread joy, connect people and use my voice for good. And I try to do that every day.

If you change yourself, then you may change your family, then your friends, then your neighbors, city and so on.

He smiled and said, I like that.

I smiled back and said, see I just changed you by thinking about it. That concept, Starting with Yourself is a quote from a tomb in the Westminster Abbey that my Dad gave me a long time ago. I didn’t understand it until I was older, but I do now. I just read an article by Melinda Gates that I think you’d like. It’s Time for a New Era for Women, it just came out in Time Magazine. I said, Melinda highlights that change comes from daily life and by being community minded. I witness men and women bringing that to the table all the time. I’m so inspired by women on that grassroots personal level who are fighting for change every day. Those are the people we need to connect to, uplift and support.

He said well there’s this book I like, it’s called On Tyranny, by Timothy Snyder. I secretly leave copies of it everywhere. Literally, in waiting rooms, at work, in hotel rooms on top of the Bible in the drawer. I think everyone on this earth should read it.

I laughed and said, see you are changing the world too.

He raised his glass and said cheers, and touché, Heather Newman.

photo by me, a lovely mural from the Arts District in Los Angeles.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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