#RealTalk about igniting your personal brand

Here's the #realtalk about personal brand, for many people, it is the last thing on their list, it was for me and I'm a marketer. Why?

  • Because you put yourself last
  • Or your word of mouth is good
  • Or you win RFPs
  • Or you've been in a "real job" and someone "handled" your outward face to the world
  • Or you are so busy making products, selling or manufacturing you do not have time to set up the process, learn how to tweet or Insta or update your LinkedIn

Seriously I get it. Three years ago I finally updated my website. I was so angry at Word Press that I couldn't seem to update myself (and then pay someone $65 every time I did want an update) that I took the bull by the horns and decided that if I was going to call myself a Maven and my company Creative Maven, my brand better be up to snuff and my website and outward facing materials be on point and easy for me to handle.

So in the Ignite The Spark Personal Brand workshop, I guide you through what I took myself through. Asking the questions, why do I get out of bed in the morning? Why do I have a business? What is the low hanging fruit I can go after to market myself/my business? What is right story for who I am and what my business does? How can I be consistent with my narrative and message out in the world without spending a huge amount of time, money and effort on it?

Those are the questions, that's what I talk through with people. And I LOVE doing it. I think we often get weird about spending money on our own education or we (and I have done this) have spent a lot of money on classes or workshops or training where you listen to someone talk and talk and then you forget what they said a day later. 

This is not that. I will ask you questions, you will write, we will look online together, we will make decisions, we will clean up outward facing accounts on the fly and we will come up with a 3 part plan for you to take away and I will follow up with you to make sure you have marched forth.

So, how do four hours with a marketing maven dedicated exclusively to you sound? If your response is a hell, yes, (which it should be) then click the button and we'll talk for 15 min and get you scheduled. The cost is less than you think.

If it is a maybe, ask yourself - if not now, right now, when is a good time to work on yourself? Frankly it is never a good time, everyone is always busy and exhausted. So I invite you to choose you or at least go for a hike for four hours and clear out the cobwebs instead.

I can't wait to walk you through the steps, below is where the marketing goodness is and the workshop agenda, what I wrote above is from my heart. 

Cheers, Heather


Does your brand match your why? Alive, awake and kicking, become the expert on you and your brand, become a brand maven. See yourself with fresh eyes, a new take and a bigger reach. Let’s light a spark and take your story to the next level.


Sometimes you need someone to help you level up, to focus, to ask the hard questions. Having someone dedicated to you, let me repeat that - "to YOU" is one of the biggest gifts you can give your career. Book a one-on-one workshop and I'll help you enliven your brand – bolder and better than you thought it could be.


Our time together will guide you through the six steps to ignite your personal brand:

  1. What’s Your Story Morning Glory – AM Activation
  2. Why Do You Get Out of Bed? Your Personal Why
  3. Oh Yes, A LinkedIn Lovefest/Social Media Superstar
  4. Megaphone Moment - Practice Your Pitch
  5. Hi, My Name Is… Networking Ninja Moves
  6. Lighting The Spark of You - Every Day Action Plan

Request a quote today because you are ready to invest in yourself.

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