Dear January, It is not your fault.

Dear January

I hope you are doing alright; but things seem a little rough with you. I see all the promise surrounding you, but you also seem to have some unnecessary baggage. I hate that you have to carry the pressure of all the resolutions that seem to make everyone a little crazy, until Valentine’s Day which makes everyone crazy in a different way. (At least that Hallmark holiday usually comes with a shitload of chocolate). And don’t worry we all know that New Year’s Eve (not technically yours until 12:01 am) is amateur night and has way too much expectation on it. Between you and me if you did smooch a random stranger just to kiss someone at midnight, don’t beat yourself up too much, it happens, good for you.

Darlin, I know you bear the brunt of the push and excuses of the holidays. I heard it all November and December long — the “well…. let’s just do that after the holidays” line that makes so many business people lose their minds around January 8/9 because they are now three to five weeks behind. And when you work for those people their stress becomes your stress. And I hate to mention this but when someone “forgets” to pay or decides to pay you late after everyone probably spends a little too much and is stretching a bit to cover “the holidays,” stress over money makes for a bad bedfellow. Which can throw your world into a tailspin. All of this is the perfect storm for everyone’s New Year’s resolutions to have a ‘sober’ month, quit smoking, go on a diet and annoy the people at the gym who work out every day. A terrible combination.

It’s not just business and industry that give you a bad rap January, it’s down to that base personal level, and I think it’s completely unfair. Depending on the relationships people have with their families and friends they may have just:

  • Ate their weight in Almond Roca, Trader Joe’s Joyous Jo-Jo’s or pumpkin pie, because food is love
  • Spent an inordinate amount of time with people who make them feel terrible about themselves
  • Been utterly alone, lonely, depressed or going through some awkward period of divorce/breakup
  • Traversed the stress of a new beginning meeting those people you may now have to spend every holiday with for the rest of your life.
  • Got the call that the site is down, the update didn’t get pushed, and your WiFi sucks so bad that you are dancing around like a chicken while you are being stared at by your partner who has a Mai Tai in their hand and huffs off saying “you said you were going to unplug, for real this time”.
  • The worst is that many people seem to pass away during the holidays and in January, not to be morbid but it is, unfortunately, the truth.

January, I’d tell November and December to suck it. They really shouldn’t push the weight of the world on your shoulders as they do.

It’s hard to watch people being so grumpy at you January, with all the hellacious flu bugs that we easily pass around during the overbooked, weather delayed tin cans that we traverse across the miles. And no matter what kind of weather is going on wherever, people bitch, moan and complain about all of it. Darlin, I know you have no control over any of that, it’s not your fault. So just shake it off.

At least you do have the new beginnings thing going for you, washing away the debris of the year past. I know I hate endings too but at least you have the honor of starting a new year with some hope.

That’s the thing about you January, with all the kvetching, drama, stress that those pesky months push upon you, you do bring hope. Hope that things will be better, that we will be better, that life may be a little easier and if we didn’t have you what the hell would we do?

So know that you are needed, wanted and that people are just human and none of this is your fault. I think you are great and always seem to bring a smile to my face. Even when my own crap sometimes makes me into a twisted mess.

So as my Dad says, keep your chin up. You’ve got this, and you know, whatever happens, you got another shot next year.

Much love and goodness,


P.S. I’ve talked to a lot, and I mean a LOT of people about this and heard their stories about this month and they all completely agree with me. So, keep on keepin on, there’s a little of you left and today is always fixin to be tomorrow.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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