To the glitter. #HappyNewYear

from my place to yours….

from my place to yours….

To the good.

To the glitter.

To the grateful.

To the gorgeous.

To the gargantuan.

Lovely, wonderful, true, beautiful people in my life.

Oh a new year, pregnant with possibility.

To the magic.

To the mayhem.

To the marching.

To the marvelous.

To the most excellent moments.

In the past and those not stepped yet.

Of us all, bringing all that we are, and all that is yet to be.

I’m proud of all of us.
We made it through another
Twisty, windy, wanton, wicked 365 days.

To the hustle.

To the heartbreak.

To the huzzahs and the hiccups.

To the hurry up and let’s go.

To the heart hearted harbinger of haggis, whoa man….

(had to)

I believe in





Failure (and what it teaches us)

Fairies and magic and serendipity.

I wish for you a year of strength, kindness, beauty and love.

Starting with yourself.

Because that’s the best place always to begin.

Who’s with me?

Let’s fucking go. (had to)

Happy New Year, Happy New Start, Happy Everything.

Empathy makes us human; action makes us warriors.

To the warriors within us all.


Love you beauties.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven