A ladybug lands and magic happens. With much credit and love the beautiful Venice Beach muralist — Jules Muck

A ladybug lands and magic happens. With much credit and love the beautiful Venice Beach muralist — Jules Muck

Maybe the universe is trying to connect us.

Maybe this buffoon is meant to unite us.

We had a collective moment of shame and disgust over Charlottesville. We had a collective moment of awe with our solar eclipse.We had a collective moment of giving, caring and helpfulness that we are still in over Hurricane Harvey in Houston (not to mention the painful memories and wounds of Katrina & Haiti not so long ago).

Terrible things happen all the time, but what is it that sparks us to act, to say hell no, to give a helping hand, to stand under the shadow of our sun with humility and say wow I am but a tiny thing in this vast universe of ours.

We want to do work that is meaningful. We want to inspire more often. I want everyone I know to be the best version of themselves.

I talked at length with a friend this week that I don’t see very often about deeply personal things going on in our lives over Facebook Messenger. We realized we struggle with the same things in our relationships. He said, “I’ve never talked to anyone about this, thank you for listening.”

We don’t talk enough as people, real talk, the deep dark stuff. We all often suffer alone. We don’t have to.

I appreciate the phrase, “Get Woke”. #staywoke (see Erykah Badu’s song Master Teacher) from the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

I feel awareness, but I get wrapped up in my life, my heather-world problems, my annoying, negative voice inside my head. But I work hard to be present and accounted for in the world at large.

I know that I lift people up, but I need a lift too, and I am thankful that I get that from my family and friends. (love you all dearly). We need to lift each other up, every day. Being mindful with deep listening. I’m working on this all the time as my brain moves so fast sometimes, I’ve been accused of not listening, and I think that is a truthful statement of something that I need to and have been working on.

Another friend said to me in talking about my career, “well, start with what you want. It all starts there.” Getting specific, real and honest about what you truly want, what gets you out of bed, what are you passionate about — is where you have to get to, start with the basics.

What do you want?

What do I want? Oh so many things, but at the core, to be a good, global citizen daily and for this world to be better.

I think that happens with a collective social consciousness. Yes, the wonderful woo-woo things and I’m talking about a deep connection to each other and our planet. And giving, supporting and helping each other. And talking about the things that make us uncomfortable.

Everyone I know does this to some extent — and we do act by example, but we need to do more, amplify this, globally and to those that don’t think as we do.

Terrible people will do terrible things until we say no, no more.

Terrible things happen, and our mettle will be tested. And more often than not people rise so beautifully to the occasion. Which in turn gives us all faith, hope and brings the joy that is so desperately needed.

How we spend every moment, how we spend every dollar, how we post and share how we feel is important. A butterfly flaps its wings, and it starts to rain. A ladybug lands on you and someone falls in love. A dirty look is flashed and people get hurt.

Every little second, every little moment is truly connected.

And maybe, just maybe, we grow and change ourselves and the world with every little teeny micro-moment by micro-moment even when we don’t realize it.

So all the things, the big deep yes, the absolute hell no, the helping hand, the look of wonder, the simple hello, I love you, I miss you.

They all matter, and so do you.

Be Aware. Listen. Kick ass, repeat.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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photo credit, me.

Ladybug Mural — Jules Muck, muckrock