Sometimes thought of as the mundane, the ordinary. Repita, por favor.

To learn The Hustle, yes the dance, it’s not one and done. As a kid at the YMCA in Anderson, Indiana I watched my parents glide across the dance floor with the other adults for dance class. Disco fabulous. I learned a version of it along with them on the sidelines, finger pointing in the air, channeling my inner Travolta.

Watching them cut a rug together for the past four decades has been something that brings me great joy. And who doesn’t love someone that can sweep you off your feet? Both my folks have the moves.

Any dance moves, lines in a stage play, a good speech, the perfect free throw, writing amazing code, building a successful business, and an archers bullseye all takes practice.

Why are personal goals and dreams any different? Yet, we don’t practice our “dream routine” often enough.

I love this article from Benjamin P. Hardy — How I Use My Journal To Create My Future and Achieve My Goals.

Benjamin, (one of my favorite writers on Medium) often reminds me of my practice, and the detail he shares is amazing. My writing coach Rachel has a practice she calls the Morning Making Ritual that is also, a practice. When smart, successful people tell you something over and over, the universe is telling you to listen.

My dear friend Troy, an amazingly thoughtful do-gooder in the world, and also who I count as an accountability partner in my life was in town this week. And we spent a morning in person talking about our dreams and goals. We reviewed and shared our current practices with each other, including what we listen to or read in the morning to get centered and ready for the day. He is one of a few people that I have shared the details with, reading him my own creativity prayer that I wrote for myself and read aloud every morning as a remind of who I am, what I want and how to get there. He shared his checklist and some affirmation recordings he listens to, to get ready for another day on this big blue beautiful spinning sphere. We shared so we can borrow from each other, to bring something new to our routines and also to see if we were on track from the last time we checked in. These kinds of relationships are a gift. Thank you, Troy.

We are all busy, have a million things to do and people who need us. But I know when I don’t start my morning routine with my practice my game is off.

It’s different for everyone — Tim Ferris has one, Tony Robbins, Oprah, The Artists Way, and every athlete you admire. So it will be different for you. But study them, and make yours, yours. There are similarities between them all. Journaling is one that I highly believe in, along with getting physically active and meditation. (meditation is fairly new for me and I love it.)

This takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes on average, and it’s so very important. We often have projects that have milestones, deliverables, and we get them done. Life, everyday beautiful life is no different. We only get on average 31,025 days on this earth. That sounds like a lot, but time ticks fast and the moments get away from us.

Spending a little time every day to practice what you preach, to activate, to catalog, to check in, to be sure you are on your path is worth your precious time. It makes you the best version of yourself, and that is what we are born to be. And it is what this world and our people need, demand and count on from us.

Today I share this great article from Benjamin, part of mine own with you, which is writing about what inspires me, and what keeps me on track. I’ve written about this before (Morning Making Ritual) and will continue sharing more details in future posts. I don’t always get it right, and I don’t always do it, so this is a reminder to me as well as a nudge for you.

What’s your practice?

Are you on track?

Do your dreams have a plan?

What is it that you truly want?

How are you getting there?

Is your time, your life worth a little “routine”?

Nothing to it, but to do it.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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