The quiet.

The birds chirping softly.

The moments you have of first

Light streaming a delicate kiss

Through the mahogany slats

Of the blinds.

The place that is yours

Where you hang your hat.


The keeper of memories.

The trees that are our guardians.

The pool where they learned to swim.

The furniture, well used and full

Of both laughter and tears.

Surprise, sorrow, sweetness.

The place you make merry.

Where you celebrate.

Where you create a life.

Where you simply live your days.


They change over time.

They are places.

They are people.

They are where you feel



I’ve had many homes in my life

And I appreciate all of them.


From the storms of this roller coaster of life.

Real storms, both physical and emotional they swoop up and carry you, your

Loved ones, and the things you hold dear away.

Most storms can be weathered but they test you. They bring out the best and sometimes the worst in people. But they still come for everyone, whether you are ready or not.

You work hard for a home. It’s one of the defining moments in life buying, crafting, building, creating a home.

When change comes, Mother Nature roars, many times we are not ready. We stand in disbelief saying how could this happen. And yet it does.

Things may fall apart but that doesn’t mean things can’t be rebuilt and become beautiful again.

It just takes time, hard work, the helping hands of family, friends, strangers, and a good toolbox.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. My heart goes out to everyone who has turmoil and strife wherever they are in the world.

My heart goes out.

My heart goes out.

My heart.

Goes out.


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