Addiction. Affliction. The Deep Let Go.

Addiction. Affliction. The Deep Let Go.

To untangle, to cut the cord is so very hard sometimes. It is about the cutting, but it is also about the letting go.

We get tangled easily, allowing vines to grow in our branches. Weaving, consuming, choking growth.

The vines they are sneaky. They are binding sometimes, overnight. The next morning you are covered, and you think, when? How did that happen?

There is always the need of a fresh Spring haircut.

Sometimes you don’t even know how tangled you are until you see a reflection in an old window pane by the door.

What to do? Find your knife, your snips, your scissors or just rip them off with your bare hands.

Clear the passages, untangle the vines, and remove the sticky, sweltering sap until you are clean until you are free until you can breathe again. Well, until they come sneaking back because they will try.

Keep those snips handy, even for the pretty ones, the ones you may like the most. Those are the trickiest.

Addiction is part of so many people’s lives and not always talked about. Never think you are alone because you are not. We all have our addictions, we all have our flaws. Ask for help. There is light around the corner.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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