Blockchain Blows My Skirt Up.

Blockchain Blows My Skirt Up.

Hello My Name is sticker — from

Hello My Name is sticker — from


Day 22 — Book Writing/Birthday Month

Here I am again in a room full of

developers and entrepreneurs.

Ritual de lo habitual.

People talking about tokens, ICOs, use cases,

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Etherium, “hard forks”…

In tech and computers,

why does it seem that as much as things change they stay the same?

Like Nancy McSharry Jensen told me years ago in her office.

When SharePoint was still code name Tahoe…

Heather if you are a marketer, you can market anything

a cup, a piece of luggage, a piece of software…

You just need to learn the lingo and the tech.

She wasn’t wrong.

I am sitting at a table writing this and I glance

At the fellow’s computer next to me.

And I see my photo.

My twitter page.

I’ve been tweeting as I am want to do.

I giggle and tell Garry sitting

Next to me.

The fellow realizes, and says “nice profile,

I saw your hashtag and tweets

And realized you were next to me”.

He laughs as well and we all giggle

About how weird the world is.

I’m at this event learning per usual, which I love.

(thank you Jill for inviting me into this world)

I tend to gravitate to the bleeding edges

Of things

Wicked smart people

Doing brilliant things.

I love working in SharePoint land with

My software business Content Panda.

And I also love working with businesses

(Through my consulting biz, Creative Maven)

Who do good things for the world

Bring something new to game

And are simply good people.

These days I’m doing coaching, strategy, biz dev, and marketing

For companies in SharePoint, cybersecurity, UAS drones,

public safety/security, and now blockchain.

I love my merge of artist/theater/tech

I like working both sides of my brain

And find they intersect more often than naught.

I think this digital currency stuff.

Is going to be the next big shift

In our world. Another revolution.

Connect this with truly dealing with

Climate change and SHAZAM!

The philosophy & people behind this tech

Is what I find interesting.

They all talk about “trust”

And that the brokering of that.

Reduction of friction

Edging out the “middleman”

Democratizing commerce.

Ownership of your IP/identity

A record being “immutable”


The passion that surrounded me yesterday

Was the same thing I felt when I started

Working at Microsoft.

It was the same passion I felt when I was

Producing theatre.

Working with my startups.

I love that, the spark of that.

The “yes I flipping LOVE this “— feeling

the “I believe in this” emotion.

A collective one though, you know.

Not just one person or a few.

A wave of people.

I don’t know if blockchain will be that thing

That changes us like

The printing press

The steam engine

The internet

But I like the theory behind it

I love the passion

I love the philosophy

I love the clearing of obstacles

The word immutable.

And plan to be in the thick of it

Per usual.

I don’t quite understand it all yet

And neither do the folks that

“run things”

tis a bit amorphous.

They told me so.

Which is something else I like.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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