I remember where YOU were.

Day 1 — July 2017 — Book Writing/Birthday Month

The electronic memory bank of Facebook

Tells me I was here last year

In Venice Beach

And that I said I was writing a book

And I would finish in September.


Well that didn’t happen.

Lots of other things did happen.

That were monumental

And important.

So ain’t no thing.

But it’s time to try again.

Okay instead of try.

How about

I will write this book this year.

A business book

A book about marketing.

I mean I made a pact with someone

So I kinda have to.

A lot of things happen in a year.

As much as social media sometimes annoys me

I like the feature and functions

That tell me where I was and when.

Remembering a memory

Or a moment that I had maybe lost

Making room for a useless piece of information in my brain.

Sometimes the memories

are hard.

A time past

A thing lost.

But I find that even those I like

To remember.

Everything that happens in your life

Makes you who you are

And you choose your own dwell time

On something.



Are just as good

As joy

And deliciousness.

So nothing to it but to do it as

My formidable Grandmother would say.

Oh yeah, welcome birthday month,

Great to see you again.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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