The Magic Castle

Day 4, 30-day #candleflame challenge.

In sparkly dresses and dapper suits

We keep watching to see it

The slight of hand.

Looking where the shiny object isn’t.

Mike moves so eloquently

Swiftly manipulating the air

The space between.

Mesmerizing us with not only

His hands but with his easy gaze.

Blowing the minds

All of us in the basement

In the tiny English pub.

All of the sudden I am plucked,

chosen, you, the girl with the flower in her hair.

Choose a suit, clubs or spades.

I choose clubs.

Three people who have never met

Choose the color

The suit

The number of the card

None of us plants.

And yet the three of Clubs

Dances up into the magicians hand

Onto the black velvet.

How. Did. He. Do. That?

I am in awe.

Oh, I love magic.

In its many forms.

But magicians and their

Coins and cards

The close up stuff

Where you think you may see

The pull the hide the toss.

Makes my face glitter with delight.

I look all night long

I don’t see it

The how they do it.

Maybe I don’t want to

Maybe I like the illusion

Maybe we aren’t meant to know.

The wonderment.

Magic oh When it’s good it’s amazing.

The Magic Castle in Los Angeles

(The magicians members only club)

Is everything you think it should be and more.

Dark mahogany bars,

Classy staff, sexy hidden stairwells,

Antique posters, oil paintings, trinkets.

Full of ghosts, times past

Slight of hands

Moments of chance

No phone no photos

Under strict order.

A place where you are asked

To pay attention

To slow down

To be quiet

To give deference

To look, listen and feel the

Moment of a moment

When objects move

In thin air

Or change from scarf to a rabbit.

Or show up on the other side

In the other hand

Breaking reason

But simply appearing





My first magic trick was shown to me by my Grandfather. The one where he grabs at your face and says got your nose.

I was smitten in that moment.

Magic is a trick

Magic is serendipity

Magic is the bending of perception.

Magic is the manipulation of attention.

I humbly equate magic to marketing

As I say Chief (Magic) Marketing Officer some times when asked what I do for a living.

When you deal in moments.

When you bend or alter how people believe, think and feel about something it feels a little like magic.

I have only dabbled in a hobbyist way in magic tricks and I am in awe of those that are true Illusionists and magicians.

I am a skeptic believer in many things

But I believe wholeheartedly

In magicians and magic.

As I think every day is filled with it, some times, people and places more than others.

But the other night was chockfull of magic inside the core of a beautiful, mind blowing place. Thank you and love to you Edmund for the trip to the castle.

One I won’t soon forget.

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