Be the example

Day 19, 30-day #candleflame challenge.

“As essence turns to ocean,/the particles glisten./

Watch how in this candleflame instant/blaze all the moments you have lived.”


By example.

We learn

We lead

By example.

If you see it’s okay

To scream at people

To swear at them

To push in front of them

To be disrespectful.

You emulate

You model

You believe “me too”

They do it, why can’t I?

Many people much more




Than I have asked the question.

Of when will this stop?

The lying.

The hate.

The disgusting behavior.

The killing.

So this isn’t new.

It happens daily all over the world.

Some known more than others.

I push a love agenda

A hopeful agenda.

But it’s hard to bear witness

To watch

To feel

To know what it is to be the victim

Of a violent crime

Of someone you love.

And to see it happening all around you

All around your world around you.

Wishing and hoping

Doesn’t make things


Action does.

Love everyday fiercely.

Speak everyday fiercely.

Fight everyday fiercely.

That understanding this wins

Over hate.

That this rage can be calmed.

That it is a choice.

Be bold.

Be heard.

Be the example that lifts us up.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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