Happy Pride Month

Day 11, 30-day #candleflame challenge.

“As essence turns to ocean,/the particles glisten./

Watch how in this candleflame instant/blaze all the moments you have lived.”


The last time I was here I

Was with 500,000 people.

Hands raised in the air.

A sea of pink.


What do you write sitting on the steps

Of our Capitol?

That I believe.

I believe

In people

In equality

In hope

In work

In the grand gestures

The smallest touch.

That we have the capacity

For what is right and just

Even when we disagree

Especially when we disagree.

That the fight is important

That these gleaming buildings


Or should represent all of us.

It is quiet here

Aside the birds chirping

Just me.

I round the building

I hear disco.

The thump of bass

And I recognize lovely Vessy

Singing “why does it feel so good,

So good to be bad.”

And I smile.

Cause I love that song and

Because it’s pride weekend

Here in DC.

And that joy

Surrounds the city.

And cities all month.

(Every day in my book)

And I’m gonna go find the thick of it.

Because I love fiercely

And support all love

In all of its forms.

And I yet have another reason

To put my hands up

And say Yay!

Happy Pride Month to all, all over the world

from our nation’s capital from me.

Love love love.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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