We pulled out of the Paris Agreement, now what? Read. Stay the Course.

The Paris Agreement is only sixteen pages — worth a read to see what the U.S. (our country) just pulled out of… it is of course about climate change but this voluntary agreement is also about the eradication of poverty, sharing scientific data, safeguarding food, creating jobs, human rights, and gender equality. All of that is in there.

So much of life is leading by example, by learning from your elders, by modeling your parents/adults, by having integrity and the moral high ground as they say. Hard to ask others to help stop the death of our world when we take ourselves out of the game. And away from an agreement that encompasses working together globally on many issues. However…

Withdrawing is disappointing, but it also takes awhile, this isn’t just a snap your fingers kind of thing. And even without the U.S. federal government attached, this agreement has already driven and will continue to drive a shift to clean energy and bringing down emissions. Just like it was intended to do anyway.

So, what to do? Stay the course and support those who will continue the fight against climate change and continue to let your voices be heard — individuals, businesses, cities, states, counties — from the bottom up works just as well as top down.

Read the Paris Agreement below in multiple languages:


Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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