Something to believe

DAY 6, 31-day #lovelife challenge.

“Whatever you love, you are.” ~Rumi

He said, “You have this.”

I think to myself, “Yes, yes I do.”

When you don’t think you can muster the courage.

When you are just simply tired.

There seems to be someone in your life

that says those three words to you.

“You have this.”

Damn, I love those people.

Belief is a huge thing in life.

It moves mountains.

If I believe it, I can make you believe it.

I deal in belief all the time as a marketer, a business person, a seller of things and stuff, a human.

If people believe in me then they believe in my product, my service, my platform, my agenda.

When one is shaky people can feel it, see it, whether it’s hidden or not.

Belief is perception, perception is reality.

There is nothing in the world like when someone believes in you.

It empowers

It emboldens

It gives swagger.

All of us, each one no matter how successful, famous or happy

Needs to be reminded of this sometimes.

Whether it be to yourself in the mirror

or late at night over Facebook messenger.

Remember that you have the power

To believe.

And to remind someone

To believe in themselves.

And that power should be wielded wisely.

However this encouragement

This support

IMHO should be doled out in massive quantities.


To each of us.

To each other.

So, I say to you, “You have this”.

You really really do.

Believe me.

Tis true.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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