Slowing Time with Meditation

DAY 15, 31-day #lovelife challenge.

“Whatever you love, you are.” ~Rumi


Just awake

A coffee is brewing

A zereke (which I thought was a mongoose) struts by.

The ocean crashes, sweet breeze.

Buenos Dias, el mundo.

I love Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen is lovely.

A new place to understand.

It is rare that I slow down.

Though I try to stop time

Every morning these days by meditating.

20 min minimum to run

The to-do lists out of my head.

In meditation I dreamed of a house that

I couldn’t quite finish building.

And then being in a seminar where

When they got to me the word was.


I pay attention to dreams & visions in meditation.

They are the script to your inner psyche.

It’s good to listen.

Meaning often comes later.

When you move through change

I think your awareness is heightened.

With writing daily these days

My observation,

My inner private investigator

Is elevated.

When you quiet the mind

You can see things more clearly.

In the Burning Man world there is an event called


The releasing and remembering the feelings you feel

When you are out on the playa (desert)

Which I love

Usually regional and in the middle of a city.

I think most people need a few days

To decompress

When on a vacation.

To namaste (I bow to you, hello, goodbye)

Or as I like to say (let that shit go).

To get into the groove of a place.

I know I do.

I do try daily to find that place

For a few moments in the morning.

To take a short vacation of the mind

Even at home.

Oh my goodness, it’s not easy.

But I use these to do it. (thank you Rachel)

They are free.

Headspace is good too.

Do you meditate?

If so how long?

If you do what do you use?

Building my practice

Love to hear how you

have built yours.

Wishing you a day of greater awareness

if even for a moment.

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