Not able to be used or obtained; not at someone’s disposal.
(of a person) not free to do something; otherwise occupied.


This is something of note.

People tend to gravitate towards this

Because there is a safety in the


It allows for detachment.

For one not to fall completely

For the backing out.

For excuses to be alright.

For halftime to be okay.

The thing is

Is that unavailable is





BUT, it may be you that is unavailable

So it applies on both sides.

We allow this unavailability.

And we also make ourselves this way

So we don’t get too close.

To commit.

To have to make a decision.

This is relationships in all forms

(love, work, play, breaking bad habits, completing something, being happy).

So all relationships you have and the one you have with yourself.

Even so, when someone is projecting this to you.

This unavailability,

One should not stand for it

One should demand

All of it


The whole damn thing

The whole enchilada

The epic banana split.

It does not serve yourself

To stand for less

To accept partial devotion

Who wants half of the best you’ve ever had?

Why accept less than.

We do this all the time.

Especially when we need something desperately.

Partial attention is accepted.

We say oh it’s okay

Those who are empathetic and kind

Those who give and give and give

Those who accept the benefit of the doubt

Those who understand someone else’s shortcomings,

or history or tales of woe and sadness.

And accepting negative attention because is it better than none at all.

But it is tiring.

It is annoying

If you have issues go deal with them — that is what shrinks are for,

go do the work.

And I don’t want to watch people

I care about deal with this unavailability anymore.


Stop allowing for this asinine behavior

And demand the sun, the moon, the stars

A timely response

A thank you

And a choice


You deserve the grace and infinite love of the moon and back

And screw those that can’t or won’t give it to you.

Don’t let anyone waste your precious time

With their indecision and wiggly ass behavior.

It’s okay to be demanding

Those who are worth it will step up to the plate

and be the ones who can meet you and match you


If not more

And how about you being truly available when someone

Wants, needs, gives to you.

Goes both ways baby.

Always does.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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