Change — When you fall do you cry or laugh?



Those you count on

To be there.

To respond

To show up.

You want to be one of those people.

For others.

I know I do.

And I want that from other people.

We have the same amount of want of certainty and uncertainty in our lives.

Those feeling are the different sides of the same coin.

Humans are creatures of habit who also love surprise.

It is why we go to the same place over and over again for that

Banana crème pie that we love

Served by Jimmy.

And why we delight in someone doing something unexpected and wonderful for us. (insert any act of kindness from out of the blue)

In working on a piece about change management.

I find that the only constant is change (that famous quote)

And that “people hate change”, the other.

A terrific TED Talk by Jason Clarke on Embracing Change reminded me some truisms about change that I believe.

People don’t actually “hate” change but they hate change that is fake change or change that doesn’t follow through.

Getting ones hope up for something to truly be different

And when it simply falls short or nothing happens

it makes you blame “change” and not the person, team or people that didn’t

Set it up correctly or do a good job making it happen.

When a child falls they don’t know whether it’s good or bad.

They sit there for a moment thinking

This is new, what is this?

Their decision about this new information comes from

Either parent making the moment a positive or negative experience depending on their reaction.

The child either does the action again as it got a laugh, or cry because they saw fear.

The same behavior is inside of change in adults.

Looking at a proposed change — what is negative about it, what is new and interesting, what is positive.

Change has all of those facets if we look for them, work through them even.

I think accountability and change are tightly linked

Or at least they should be.

You can’t just light a fire in someone’s life or business and walk away.

Well, you can but it’s a jerk move.

All of these promises be it from our politicians, from your manager, from someone you love that involve change and most do, must have accountability.

Being a person that shows up, does the work -

is good for you and good for the world.

Not only should we be the change that we wish to see in the world,

But to ensure that when in the middle of a metamorphosis,

latch on tightly and take it through to the end.

Be accountable.

Help the change be positive, fruitful and go all the way.

No fake change, no almost change, no keeping up appearances change,

No passing the buck to the one who always gets things done change,

No I’m lying to your face for my own gain change.

True blue, fully loaded, up to the rim, my cup runneth over

Let’s make this better for all of us change.

A little bit every day. Or a whole hell of a lot of it with the support

It deserves underneath it.

Change, it does a body good.

Accountability, it makes your heart happy.

Thank you for giving that little heart a nudge if you liked this. :)

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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