We are not compartmental.

It’s good to know when you are done.

Done with playing games.

Done with hoping

Done with giving.

Realizing you only have so much



And love to give.

You try and try and

You hope and you hope.

But you realize that you control no one but yourself.

Wishing and wanting

Dreaming and willing

Don’t get you what you want.

The only thing you can do is the work.

The work on yourself.

The try of being of a good person.

The wrangling of your own bullshit.

And look at and embrace your flaws.

That you are the makings of someone else’s

Therapy appointments.

That we hurt each other at times

Without even realizing it.

That we are powerful in what we say and do.

That everyone is sensitive and emotional.

A bit broken.

That getting out of bed in the morning for some

Is the largest feat they will complete in the day.

That nothing is rainbows and unicorns unless

You make it that way yourself.

Everyone has hurt, loss, and longing behind

Smiling eyes.

We are not compartmental.

You can’t be

Everything you feel, do and are is connected.

You can’t excel in one place with a deficit in another.

I watch the expression of this.

I have become more of an observer of this

As of late.

People simply want to be happy.

People simply want to be loved.

People simply want to be taken care of.

People want to feel good about themselves.

Why it is so complicated is maybe

The mystery of the universe.

The thing is, is that it is about how you try.

Hopefully leading with your truth.

And without putting so much of all the things…

Hope, love, dreams and wishes

In the hands of other people.

That way, you can say you’ve done

Your best, and the rest is hopefully

A little magic

A little stardust

A little serendipity.

And the joy, love and goodness that is absolutely part of this crazy world

Makes an appearance more often than naught.



Is the hope.

Every day.


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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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